May 17, 2022


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Together we can: the off NEPA administration

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It is trite that nothing is as unstable as electricity supply in Nigeria. Every Nigerian (the average man anyway) has been birthed to chant ‘Up NEPA’ & ‘off NEPA’, every now and then. This is the sad reality of the ‘Together we can(TWC)’ administration, led by Reedof.

On a virtual scorecard, juxtaposing the achievement of previous administrations, the TWC administration has failed the students of Unilorin, woefully. The administration has made itself a silent agent where salient matters are involved.

Starting from the most recent; electricity supply on campus has become too erratic. In fact, those of us who stay off campus enjoy more supply than those who stay on. In the past few days, the supply got very terrible as certain places on campus have been on an almost indefinite blackout. While some have low current. I remember vividly that the past administration was highly effective at tackling issues like this. In fact, at a point, the last administration notified students to charge their devices beforehand, when a major power outage was going to happen for ‘a few hours.’ This administration? Zilch. Where is the welfare secretary of the Union? Where is the PRO? where is the President? What efforts have you taken?

A very important issue which borders around student welfarism on campus is the hardship which students go through daily, in order to get on and off campus. We understand that it is quite an unfortunate national situation, one which not only the SU has tried to work on, but also the University’s management. But what/when has the SU reported back to us, or given us a feedback as regards efforts being taken to curb the hardship? The only major memorandum that came from the SU was one that was made to praise the efforts of the administration on the 16th of January. A Tuesday afternoon that a great percentage of people were off campus, discouraged from Monday’s hardship. This propagandist administration forgot to issue a follow-up memorandum when things got out of hand the days that succeeded the 16th.

Fellow members of the Union. I must mention at this point that the Union has not totally been asleep. If they have been asleep, would the new “No hair attachment law” be in place?

‘Together we can?’ How ironic a mantra for an administration that does not carry along members of the Union. If there is a situation, what efforts have you taken? What means of feeding the students back have you tried? And please, what happened to the PRO? He seems to have issued more broadcasts during the last weeks of his campaign than he has over the cause of this administration. “is that why you’re here?”

Welfare officer, it seems the welfare of the Union is of little concern to you. You seem to be more bothered about the SU Bus than our welfarism. I think it is important to mention that this same SU Bus has been used for commercial purposes, charging students of the University for conveying them. If memory fails you, there are victims of that circumstances who are willing to talk. Was this your promise during electioneering?

Overall, I must mention that this administration has sadly not been an all inclusive one. Even in the face of maladministration, it has been the President, PRO, and the ~driver~ welfare Secretary, and sometimes the General Secretary, whom we see. What happened to the rest of the cabinet. Did rats chase them out of their respective offices?

I do not look forward to a reply from the Union, it is not your trade in stock, neither do I look forward to a congress or press conference. After all, if questions are asked, the President (on behalf of other cabinet members) will only respond to the ones that favour him, while politically jettisoning others. The first PRESS Conference of your administration speaks volumes.

However, I would like to remind the Union that the people have eyes that see, legs that ache from trekking and queueing, and body that is weak from waiting. And we cannot wait forever.

*— Princely X*

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