June 25, 2022


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Transportation challenge: Senate rebut welfare sec proposal

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The Welfare Secretariat of Student Union has confirmed the introduction of the tally system on the queue as a way to reduce hardship facing by the students. 
The statement was contained in a letter sent to the Senate Council, Wednesday, notifying the legislative arm of the Union of the executive’s readiness to start the implementation of the policy.

The Senate Council members were however of the varied opinion concerning the idea. According to Senator Leke, “Tally is good but we should consider the visibility of its effectiveness; looking at  the possibility of its misplacement, rowdiness issuing it could cause at the park”; he advised it should be thoroughly looked into before embarking on it as “we can’t create another problem trying to fix one” he further said.

Senate President urged the Senate committee on transportation to work hand in hand with Asukuti led Welfare Secretariat to ensure it workability and it’s “effectiveness; if it doesn’t work, we reverse it”.
Meanwhile in a sharp turn of event, the majority of the Senate Council members vehemently opposed the system, some opined outright that “it won’t work” according to a senator representing Agricultural Science Constituency; and Senator Leke maintained, still, that “Time: it is not applicable at this point I’m time”
By resolution, almost all the members at the sitting in chorus echoed “‘Ney!” to its approval.

NOTE: The tally system was not disallowed; it was resolved that the House will give it a trial in order to see how it will fare.


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