May 17, 2022


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 Adebola Makinde 

Overtime, Bolt might take over. Students begin to find comfort by ordering Uber to and fro— on and off campus. It might be pricey but it is worth it. 

“Do you know that you can use Uber in school?” Semilore asked. She had used Bolt off-k that day and she informed me that I could use Bolt on campus also. I didn’t know. Well, what came to my mind instantly was the fare. She told me she paid 400 naira. It is a fair price, but does that mean I get to spend 800 naira on campus every day? 

I would try it – not just when desperate to go home (if there is no bus in school), but I guess it would make me feel good. Every time I have to wait to get bus, I feel pushed to try ordering a ride. I haven’t tried it but the day is coming soon.

Stanley,*  a student who is frustrated about the transport issue in school laments and said he would take the chance to ride on a uber everyday – if he had the money. 

“If I had the money, I would consider Bolt every time. I will consider Uber every single time ahead of Korope especially if I’m leaving school in the evening or I’m going to school very early in the morning. That way I don’t get to queue… wait to drag seat with anybody before I can get to school.”

Many students are entrapped in this hustle for seat dragging, injuring one another in the course to get home or other places necessary to be at that moment. Stanley further expressed how much better he thinks Bolt would be over Korope. He mentioned that it is fast and efficient. Not just that, but even more comfortable. 

Some students don’t even come to school at all complaining that the 80 naira charge is too much. They have to pay 160 naira in a day and coming to school every day means they get to exhaust 160 naira five times in a week. It’s pathetic that many cannot afford that.


Adereti Oluwabukunmi, a student entrepreneur and budding on-air personality (OAP) also lodged her complains and exclaimed that she cannot compare a Bolt ride charge to the fixed Korope charge. 

“It’s quite hard because I can’t compare a 1200 naira to 80 naira, that is quite pricey… that is like on the high side!”

Even when she considers taking Korope, the long queue daunts her spirit.

Bolt extorting students

Some students are of the claim that due to the increase in demand for the company’s service in school, Bolt drivers extort them. Since there are no buses to convey students, they decide to charge the students a crazy bill even though they might have agreed on a price before the driver alters it after he or she has rendered his service.

On-air personality, Adereti Oluwabukunmi said it’s terrifying. In her words, she stated that “it’s quite scary that sometimes, the price can even increase from 2500, 2000 to 3000 naira… because people are trying to order for ride”. However, she is more relaxed that she has a personal driver that charges her and her friends for “just 1000”, she added.

Meanwhile, Stanley* says he pays 600 naira as a regular price. He further expressed that sometimes, he gets to pay more.

“When the app is not hot with orders, the rate isn’t usually expensive. But when there are a lot of orders, they tend to increase the rate of each ride and sometimes, the drivers ask you to pay more — an extra charge which is not visible on the app.”

The definite charge for the Bolt ride has not been gotten, however, regular users of the app claim the prices to vary depending on the population of students, the driver and the relationship with the driver. 

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