May 17, 2022


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Adebola Makinde

Picture by Adebola Makinde| UCJ, Unilorin 

Everyone is distressed. They found gist partners on the queue to make it less of boredom. It must be another way of acquaintance. 

As I reached out to go home with my friend, we found out that the queue was almost reaching motion ground. There is no chance of getting a bus in the next 30 minutes. Treasure was walking with me until Favour, another friend expressed her relief that she would see someone who would let her in on the queue. She said, “I know a lot of people. As a matter of fact, I know everybody. I would see someone who would let me in”. I and Treasure retreated. Probably, Favour might have assumed that only freshers ‘shunt’. Prior, I was telling her of the wealth of experience I had gained as a ‘staylite’. 

I was very much tired when I saw Favour. I was still hoping to wait in school till 6 pm. It was just some minutes to 5 pm when my coursemates were notified of our level advisers’ presence in his office. Not long after, he wasn’t found on his seat. Meanwhile, there was already a queue waiting for him by the door of his office. I can’t take the risk of standing after I just left a class. I would rather wait at the faculty of arts pavilion till he is back. 

Favour threw her arms at me as I welcomed her with enthusiasm. She was a secondary schoolmate. She looked worn out as I asked her short questions being curious about how far she blended in school already. I didn’t expect less. I have always known her to be a socialite. Quick responses followed after each question which automatically explained that she’s entertained but is stressed to talk much.

Shunters operation 

There should be about 300 students in the queue at the park. Some waited hopelessly insisting on not joining the queue while others were about to carry out an operation. They are usually called ‘Shunters’. They are categories of adamant people who illicitly find their way. 

Many students are unbothered. They would carry out the Shunters’ operation. Even if these guys are done in school by 7 pm, there is a high probability they would get a bus to convey them in five minutes. 

I would not be surprised to know that Favour chooses to shunt. It is the surest way of consolation. She lamented that she had been in school for a long while. Her lecture eventually got cancelled. She looked pale as she walked slowly yet steadily hoping to be home soon. She constantly bent her back. Even I had to put my school bag on my chest while Treasure complained her arms were aching her – she had been carrying a tote bag all day. 

Alex** another shunter who took the risk of daring to jump the window to get into a korope bus explained his ordeal. He was dissatisfied. Students were struggling to enter the bus and he took the ‘easy step’ as he called it. It was at least far much better than waiting for his turn before entering the bus. He would rather shunt his way in. 

This is unlike the irregular meal Unilorin serves. This is another scope entirely. After exam results have been released, students become satisfied. It might be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s the in-house joke students label after they’ve seen their score. Many times, students eat their lunch, even dinner in the queue. This suggests that the queue remains till later in the evening. 

Fatigued students smiling at the camera

As for some students, they’ve given up on the transport issue. They would sit down and wait till the buses to convey students are ready. Many students still hold onto the belief that the bus drivers are the cause of the influx by the rate at which the queue gets longer before they troop in as though they’ve made a consensus. 

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