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Transportation system in Unilorin, an unending struggle?

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It is no longer news that the major challenge confronting the students of University of Ilorin is the issue of transportation; and this time again, it has found its way into the nerve of students populace. On Monday, 4th Nov, 2019, there was a big hit on the movement of students to the campus as the union responsible for the major means of movement — to and from of the school — the Korope shuttle drivers decided to abandon their work due to their agitation for increment in their service charges.

In an Interview with the Students’ Union Welfare Secretary, Comrade Viktoh; he is strongly of the belief that there should be a lasting solution to the problem, saying, according to him some steps must be taken. He stated that there has been a proposal drafted to Opay in Lagos to get Obus,he believes that another step of the lasting solution is finding another route to school.

The Welfare Secretary also stated that this problem of Korope Buses is not just coming, as this is the 4th year that the Korope drivers have been fighting for an increment in the fare student pay and this is due to the inflation in the country. He accentuated to the claim that there has been an increment in the price a Korope bus cost to about N1.5m.

Meanwhile, it has come to the notice of the UCJ-UNILORIN that if the Korope Drivers should have their way in the increments, other drivers plying the Post Office/Challenge road might want to follow suit.

Responding to this, the Welfare Secretary assured that studentSt Union would be ready for them as there will be no room for that.

While speaking on the challenges Students are facing, Comrade Viktoh reassured that the Students Union Executive is strongly after the welfarisms of the Students populace as they are battle ready to face this problem. He stated that the Passion-led administration of the Students Union has accumulated all possible ways for the Students satisfaction.

He urged students to bring suggestions and opinions about information affecting the Students in assisting the Students Union.

In a bid to hear from the other side of the deal, Our correspondents tried their best in getting sone Drivers to talkbut couldn’t get an apt response as they successfully dodged questions from our correspondents.

Our Correspondents pushed to balance the equation as they get those who are at the receiving end of this issue, that is, the student moving in and out of Campus.

On the street of Okeodo, UCJ-UNILORIN spoke with some students onon h they feel about the increment. According to one, he thinks the long lasting solution is to partner with more transporters or meet with the federal government to provide more long buses to federal schools or build more hostels on campus to ease the stress of those staying off campus.

To know their take about the student union agitating for the exercise, we asked if the students’ union are doing their best . They replied saying they think the are trying their best. One said he was pleased when the President and the Subdean, On 4th November, 2019 came into light to clear students off of paying #60 saying that they had been an agreement and they never subdue to coming out this way.

UCJ-UNILORIN asked how they will feel if eventually the drivers try to rob us in the face by not providing our ‘change or balance.’ One said that can’t be possible because for they bringing this to us they should be able to make room for lot of ‘change’ for us.

One complained that they should had given us a notice and what is the assurance they won’t do something worst next time. We asked them if the Korope are too big to handle and he said They are too big to handle and instead the school should be one dictating and not the drivers.

Presently, it looks like all is going on well with the parties involved but some questions keep rumbling on every one’s mind;
Will the N60 payment stand forever? Will it drop one-day and go back to N50? Will the School management and the SU find an alternative to the Korope buses or we keep relying on them as our major means of transportation?

These questions and more are questions that need urgent and effective answer

UCJ-UNILORIN will always bring you up to speed as events unfold.

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