May 26, 2022


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By Okorite Joy Harry

Well we know the hats,the local head gears, caps and the rest of those, but unknown to many are other types of head covers and infact forms of the aforementioned!
So, what trending Tuesday brings to your table today is five out of the different types of head covers and one way to rock each!

Akubra is an Australian hat manufacturer, a name said to have an aboriginal origin and it ranges from o hat styles including fedora, pork pie, triliby etc.
However, the one being talked about here is the wide brimmed Akubra hat.
The hats were popularly worn by old people in Australia but became fashion hats in the 1920s.
A wide brimmed Akubra hat would be perfect for a horse ride!

In Scottish English,the Balmoral is known as Balmoral bonnet or cap. Formerly called Kilmanock Scottish, it is a traditional Scottish head cover that dates back to 16th century and is named after Balmoral castle in Scotland probably because of it crown like shape!
Balmorals can be worn with skinny jeans and a matching top.

Now you should relate to this at least to a reasonable extent!
The baseball cap is a rounded cap with stiff peak at it front and is said to come about in 1860 when the Brooklyn Exclesiors wore something similar. So, over the years it as been improved on till it became what we know of today as the baseball cap.
Actually, the cap is largely for those in the sports, but it has become a part of the fashion world today.
So, rock your baseball cap for a casual stroll on a fitting jean, matching top and preferably sneakers.

The bowler hat also known as billyrock, Bob hat, bombin or Derby is created by Thomas and Williams Bowler in 1849.The bowler hat became popular in American, British and Italy’s working class of the 19th century.
Nowadays, Bowler hat is also popular among the Eastern and Southern Nigeria(amongst their men) who use it to ensure their traditional outfit is complete.
You can rock the bowler hat on a shirt gown or flare skirt or on a free pair of trousers.

Now I don’t know the sort of movies you have watched, but if you have seen a good number you would then know another common cap apart from the baseball cap worn by a person who wishes not to be seen but still wants to be on the move, yes, it’s the eight point cap.
Also called Newsboy or Newsy boy cap were common as the name suggests with newspaper vendors of late 19th and early 20th century of the North America and Europe. However during this period too, it was popular among ‘lower’ class.
Nowadays however, it as become one of the popular fashion items for anyone!
Rock the newspaper boy hat with a shirt(loosen like 2 or 3 buttons) with a free or skinny jeans and appropriate foot wear.

That’s all for this week on Trending Tuesday, don’t forget to STAY STYLISH!

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