May 26, 2022


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5 common makeup mistakes made by black women

By: Okorite Joy Harry

Looking good is good business. We do not underestimate the power of a physical appearance. In fact, many classic women, including Audrey Hepburn, swear by the power of a red lippie. These common makeup mistakes by black women are quite avoidable. Are you getting ready for a night out with your significant other? Well, you could use this as a handy checklist.
Well, after so many years of sleeping on us, the beauty industry has finally woken up to the limitless possibilities of a beauty range that caters to black women. Rihanna’s Fenty took the beauty industry with its focus on shades that serve black women by the storm and doesn’t look like it’s letting go anytime soon.
Due to the scarcity of products that cater to black women, we often have to make do with what is available. However, in this article, we will be addressing common makeup mistakes made by black women.
5 Common Makeup Mistakes Made By Black Women.

Do not apply makeup on a dry face.
Applying makeup on a dry face would make it look cakey. Always try to make sure your face has been properly exfoliated and moisturise before applying make-up. A layer of primer with at least 30% SPV would make your face look supple. The sunscreen protects your skin. Also, the makeup application would glide easily
Find the correct foundation
Finding the perfect foundation can be a struggle for black women. Sometimes we have to blend two to three shades to get the perfect colour. It’s a lot of stress. But, it’s a better choice than moving around with different shades of skin.
Too much powder is bad
So, after you have found the perfect foundation. The wrong powder can spoil your hard work. You should put into consideration what kind of ski you have. Whether it is oily, dry or mixed. Knowing where your skin falls under would let you know what kind of powder would suit you better.
Careful with the blush
Please be careful while applying blush. The right amount of rosy cheeks is beautiful. A combination of too much or the wrong shade wouldn’t look so good.
Be picky with the lippie.
Black skin looks amazing with bold colours. That’s why a dash of red lipstick or dark purple seems to magically transform our face. But, there are colours which would not fit depending on which spectrum your melanin popping skin falls under. With nude lipsticks particular, take your time to find the perfect shade. The wrong one would make you look sickly. This doesn’t mean all nude lipsticks are not appropriate, just find your shade.

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