August 10, 2022


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Trump Tweet: Stresser-in-chief

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It looks like Trump is having a mid-week tirade on twitter, constantly stressing on the things that he wants everyone to know about – tax cuts, his interview with Lou Dobbs, Ed Gillespie and of course, poking at the latest Clinton controversy❗
🐦 Congrats to Reince Priebus, a really good and talented man. We’re proud of you Reince! in reply to Reince Priebus: Been great to have time off – but excited to be joining MichaelBestLaw as President and working out of DC & pumped to join WashSpeakers !
🐦 Just interviewed by LouDobbs. Will be aired tonight at 7pmE on FoxBusiness. Dobbs
🐦 Spoke to President Xi of China to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation. Also discussed NoKo & trade, two very important subjects!
In the phone call ☎ with Trump, Xi expressed a desire to work with the US president to “jointly blueprint future development of China-US ties”, Chinese state media report. Separately,Trump praised Xi as a “very good person” with whom he had “a very good relationship”, 👍 in an interview with Fox Business Network. Describing Mr Xi’s elevation as something that “really virtually never happened in China”, Trump called the Chinese leader “a powerful man”. “People say we have the best relationship of any president-president, because he’s called president also. Some people might call him the king of China, but he’s called president.”
🐦 Melania and I look forward to being with President Xi & Madame Peng Liyuan in China in two weeks for what will hopefully be a historic trip!
🐦 The long anticipated release of the JFKFiles will take place tomorrow. So interesting!
The final batch of the files 📁 detailing the investigation into the Kennedy assassination were already scheduled to be released as a result of a 1990s law, though Trump could have delayed their release if he wanted to. The files represent just one per cent of all the files in the total investigation. All of the other files have been released to the public, however some contained redacted material. It’s not clear what the files might contain, but some have speculated that there could be information detailing the methods and sources used by the CIA or FBI in Mexico City in the months before the assassination.
🐦 Texas GovAbbott & Lt. Gov. DanPatrick, Thank you for todays briefing on hurricane recovery efforts here in TX. Keep up the great work!
🐦 Interview with LouDobbs coming up at 7pmE on FoxBusiness. Enjoy!
🐦➿ Ivanka Trump: Working families need TaxReform & the time is now. This Administration is committed to ensuring all Americans can thrive in our economy.
🐦 This will be the biggest TAX CUT in the history of our country – and we need it! TaxReform Read more:
This tweets follows the Senate passage of a $4 trillion budget that lays the groundwork for Republicans’ promised tax legislation. Republicans hope to push the first tax overhaul in three decades through Congress by year’s end, an ambitious goal that would fulfill multiple campaign promises 👍 but could run aground over any number of disputes. Failure could cost the GOP dearly in next year’s midterm elections.
🐦 Together, we will Make America Great Again! AmericaFirst🇺🇸
Yay! 👍
🐦➿ Peter Chowka: Fox News With Hannity’s Help Regains Its Ratings Dominance By Peter Barry Chowka at The Hagmann report
🐦 Will be another Sean success! in reply to Sean Hannity – “Let There Be Light” opens THIS FRIDAY! Locations listed at
🐦➿ Sean Hannity – BOOM!! Tick Tock
Where Sean shares a news story about the Clinton administration’s involvement in creating the Trump dossier.
🐦 Ed Gillespie will turn the really bad Virginia economy #’s around, and fast. Strong on crime, he might even save our great statues/heritage!
The president appeared to be referencing efforts to take down Confederate statues. Debate over whether such statues should be removed from public places escalated after white nationalist groups clashed with counter protesters in Charlottesville, Va., in August. Gillespie is facing off against Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam in the Virginia gubernatorial race. A poll from the Hampton University Center for Public Policy released Wednesday showed Gillespie leading Northam by eight percentage points.
🐦 Ed Gillespie will be a great Governor of Virginia. His opponent doesn’t even show up to meetings/work, and will be VERY weak on crime!
🐦 Do not underestimate the UNITY within the Republican Party!
Trump has sought to portray an image of harmony among the GOP after feuds this week with retiring GOP Sens. Bob Corker and Jeff Flake. Flake delivered a blistering speech about Trump on the Senate floor Tuesday.
🐦 Big news – Budget just passed!
The House of Representatives on Thursday narrowly approved a $4 trillion budget that paves the way for Republicans on Capitol Hill to begin focusing on tax reform. The vote was 216-212, with 20 Republicans, including conservatives unhappy about deficits and debt, opposing it. Republicans could lose only 22 votes for it to pass.

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