May 17, 2022


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Trump Tweet: Taking a break

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Looks like President Trump took a little break from twitter on Monday afternoon and Tuesday, only signing in to talk about his infrastructure deal, DACA and blame everything on the Democrats❗
🐦 The journey to MAGA began CPAC 2011 and the opportunity to reconnect with friends and supporters is something I look forward to every year. See you at CPAC2018!

🐦 Our infrastructure plan has been put forward and has received great reviews by everyone except, of course, the Democrats. After many years we have taken care of our Military, now we have to fix our roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and more. Bipartisan, make deal Dems?

In a pair of tweets before 6 a.m. on Tuesday, President Trump increased pressure on Democrats, reminding them of a countdown to strike a deal with Republicans so that young undocumented immigrants have a path to legally stay in the United States. He also appeared to suggest that if his recently unveiled infrastructure plan were unsuccessful, it would be the Democrats’ fault.

🐦 Negotiations on DACA have begun. Republicans want to make a deal and Democrats say they want to make a deal. Wouldn’t it be great if we could finally, after so many years, solve the DACA puzzle. This will be our last chance, there will never be another opportunity! March 5th.

Trump’s comments come at the top of what promise to be four crazy days for immigration debate in the Senate, with lawmakers debating the contentious topic in an unusually open format.


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