May 17, 2022


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Jimoh Aishat Omotolani


Rat infested homes, dilapidated walls.

Learning on the cold floor,

Aidant in escaping the ground floor.

Studying with hope, the future is seen through 


Hope to see the future pictured someday.

Here are some legendary routes;

one with strong abs to lay you bare on your face.

One filled with tea; a cool pool point.

Another potbellied to house your shoes.

A refuse-decorated dessert to do your makeup.

The sturdy, dark ones in the glory of glitters we cheer 


The moon; the lamp-bearer.

When it leaps into the dark, we creep into our 


Closing eyes, we reach for the stars.

Making candles turn bulbs.

As the day comes to play, reality puts us in place.

The stream water in the ìsènbáyé drum soothes.

However hard I could call a stream to my iyewu.

Jiggle in its boat with no paddle, cook with no hassle,

A chance to touch the skies while chilling in my àgbàlá.

Clamoring until when for our share of the 


A chance to live our dreams is our request to the 



Perfect in every measure.

Excellent with no pressure.

Generous to no measure.

A friend of the Mass.

A personified romance!

What a Lover he is!

So passionately does he love?

What is more to it?

A perfect lover cheats,

An interesting discovery.

How efficient he is!

So diligently does he execute his duties?

The infallible Administrator, wild with wings.

Armed, aimed at harming,

The skin, the shield conforming.

He is so bright he is!

Perfect in all ramifications.

The unbeatable Lad, who tops unfailingly.

With little or no desire does he do the studying.

The hidden face undauntedly on stage, playing.


A mind of variable facet.

Portrays to be one while he’s another.

One is hidden while the other surfaces.

In harming the society, the societal face is put to


The hidden knife reveals its true nature.

A rapist on stage, reciting.

A Killer in court, advocating.

The dancer behind the stage, slaying.

That doctor is still involved in trafficking.

Which identity do you gamble on?


Jimoh Aishat Omotolani. A 400L student of Common and Islamic Law, University of Ilorin.

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