May 17, 2022


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The Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ilorin, Ilorin inducted new members for the 2019/2020 academic session on Saturday 14th of August, 2021. The event, which took place at the Social Science lecture room of the Faculty of Social sciences, had in attendance, Dr. Muhammed Kamaldeen Imam-Temim of Department of Islamic Law, Faculty of Law, the University of Ilorin representing Prof. Mahfouz Adedimeji, Vice-chancellor, Ahman Patigi University, Patigi, Kwara State and former staff adviser, UCJ, Unilorin.

Also in attendance was Dr. Saudat Salah Abdulbaqi, patron, ucj Unilorin; Abdul-Lateef Lanre Ahmed, NUJ Chairman, Kwara State Council; Kunle Adebajo, Investigative Editor, HumAngle; Anita Eboigbe, Managing Editor, HumAngle; Muhammed Akinyemi, Sub-editor, HumAngle, and Ishola Abdul-wasiu, former Director-General, UCJ, Unilorin.

The President of the Union, Adedimeji Quayyim, in his Presidential address charged the inductees to be better Pressmen who should be willing to make an impact. He urged them to be proud of being a member of the union and also promised the inductees that their expectations will not be let down.

Dr. L. A Temim, representing Prof Adedimeji during his speech appreciated the Union for being active and described the Union as one of the “key organizations” on campus. He charged the inductees to harness their being a member of the Union as an addition to their primary assignment in school. He further revealed that the press is important in the scheme of life and urged the inductees to not allow their integrity and ethics to be negotiable. He charged them to project the University of Ilorin in a positive light and be truthful in reporting.

The Nuj Chairman, Kwara Council, Mr. Abdul-Lateef admonished the inductees to see the ucj Unilorin as a precursor for what they are going to do in a larger society. Also reminded them to always get their facts right and on no account should they disclose their source. Mr. Abdul-Lateef made it known to the inductees that there will be challenges and they should be prepared for them.

Dr. Abdulbaqi in her address congratulated the inductees and made her excitement known by the number of inductees. She urged them to put in their passion and prepare for the risk in journalism. She advised them to know when to sieve what is not needed and discern the truth. “be conscious of what you do with your pen”, she said. Do not be a tool of the devil”

Mr. Kunle Adebajo, Investigative Editor, HumAngle in his speech titled campus journalism and free press: uplifting free expression and Accountability urged inductees not to see journalism as a showbiz or a means to make money and start seeing journalism beyond bylines. He charged them to have eyes for stories and be open to shedding more light on realities that affect members of society. He admonished them, as a journalist, to be innovative, moderate, environmentally conscious and urged all to seek opportunities and stay consistent.

Mr. Muhammed Akinyemi, Sub-editor HumAngle and also an alumnus in his speech, Maximising potentials as a campus journalist urged the inductees to be open to knowledge and know-how to use the knowledge. He reiterated the importance of opportunities and advised them to be on the lookout and also plant themselves into communities and stay focused.

Ms. Anita, Managing Editor, HumAngle chanted to the ears of the female inductees not to be afraid during her speech on promoting women in the media. She further made it known that it is OK to start over like a lady and urged them to see themselves as someone worthy to be in a room and not because they were pitied. She also admonished the ladies to fight for their place because there is a lot of space and urged them not to limit themselves and make sure they take care of themselves.

The inductees took the Oath of Membership after which Mr. Ishola gave the closing remarks by welcoming them properly into the UCJ,Unilorin, and urged them to maximize the importance of networking.


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