May 19, 2022


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UCJ-UNILORIN ushers in new Pressmen

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The university of Ilorin chapter of the union of Campus Journalists, UCJ, has on Saturday 11th ushered into its fold no fewer than 120 new student Journalists amidst a colourful occasion.

The president of the union, Ms Eze Glory Chika, warmly welcomed the new members into the union’s fold. She likened the newbies’ admission into the body as soldiers moving into the battlefield where the cause of Justice and accountability is being championed.

“Gentlemen of the press, let me categorically tell you that you all are about to enter a battlefield, you are about to become soldiers who will walk through hell to protect the course of injustice, integrity, accountability and of course, of welfarism of our student colleagues.”, she said.

Ms Eze, in the course of her welcome address also drummed to the consciousness of the new intakes that it is never too late to leave the fold for those who have taken it upon themeselve to be frontiers for better society if at this stage they still doubt being soldiers for justice. “If you believe this is not for you that you cannot stand by the cause, then I humbly request you to go home”, she said. However she enjoined the rookies to jettison cowardness, and rather strive to be movers and shakers of their world.

“I believe that the soldiers are ready for war. I believe that we are ready for war of truth, the war to uncover and expose for our school and our nation to move forward” she asserted.

The guest lecturer, Dr/Prof. Mahfouz Adedimeji highlighted objectivity as one of the utmost attribute of a journalist. He highlighted this while discussing the theme; Campus Journalist: Ethics and Codes of The Profession.

In his lecture, he explained the principle of journalism where he stated that “The foremost principle is to always pursue the truth and to be fair while writing”.

The ceremony was graced by professionals in the field of journalism, among whom were Dr. (Mrs) K. K. Kadiri, Barr. Chima Osuji and Kabir Adejumo.

The inducted members, thereafter, could not hide their feelings as some of them expressed how joyous they felt to be a member of the prestigious union via their Twitter handle. @Omotayo97325537 wrote “I’m finally going to be a pressman”

“By God’s grace I’m one of the inductees. We can only get better” @Kenny6509 tweeted.

Another inductee, @exquisite_my inscribed on her Twitter handle “The voice of the voiceless, baby steps to greatness.”

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