May 19, 2022


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UNILORIN 2021: May the best candidates win…

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As a University of Ilorin student reading this, I implore you to pay much attention to all that this piece is saying as it is meant for you and your well being. Leadership in the human society is one of the most natural things to happen. Without a leader, the affairs will not be successfully run.

Having a leader ensures that there’s an organized centre where the wants of people would be attended to as opposed to leaving people to their discretions in every aspect of life. The effects of having a society without a leader can be disastrous as anarchy will prevail. A state of anarchy is certainly something we cannot afford.

The Students’ Union election in Unilorin should actually be an actual stage where those who we want to entrust our affairs with will be chosen, and it is very unpalatable and unpleasant that a Students’ election won’t count in a country where citizens election rarely count.

The Aspirants for every post should have it at the back of their minds that coming out to pursue a leadership ambition is a sign of greatness but being dedicated to service and doing well is what it takes to make our efforts and votes as electorates worth it. Being a student is tough, being a Unilorite is tougher, so aspiring leaders should not worsen affairs by being irresponsible.

As one of the voters, I believe in integrity. You too, do you? Or is it a situation of “it’s our man that we want to be there by all means, even if he’s not the right/best person to be?”. Why can’t we crumble the existing protocol that’s leading us into ruination by refusing to be influenced by such a nepotistic factor? Why can’t we open the stage and let the fit men wrestle and see whose backs would kiss the ground? Why can’t we be bias-free?

Don’t forget. If you have, let me remind you; that the current state of our country was a result of not giving the right person a chance to rule. If you disagree with me, that means you have not been paying attention. And these incompetent leaders get hold of power not because people ordinarily want them there but because, most of us want our tribesman to be there even if it involves foul means.

The benefits that it will bring, the influence and the privileges is what we are always after, forgetting that there’s always more to it. And when it reaches a stage of escalation, we all wail within – soliloquizing; “had I known” – the most popular lines from the mouth of a regret(er). You see, you know now and now is the best time to know. Don’t only know, do as well, the right thing.

Quantum Leap Student Assembly (QLSA) is an organization that sees to the affairs of students on campus with its main interest in leadership and political literacy (among other things). A honest, free and fair election is what we believe can bring about favourable results.

May the best candidates win…

This article is written by Ojo Oluwaseun, 300 Level student of the department of Combined Law, Faculty of Law and is published under Guest-Writer harmonisation policy of the UCJ-UNILORIN. Ojo can be reached via

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