May 24, 2022


Official Website Of Union Of Campus Journalits, University of Ilorin.


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In the process of ensuring that the University of Ilorin has a strong Union body with the interest of the students in mind, the Union of Campus of Journalists ensured that every aspirant was being questioned to know their intentions for the progress of the school and the students. 

The Seventh Sense in line with their motto also secures to measure the weight of the Aspirants, the Vice Presidential and Presidential debate was delivered yesterday to know the strength and weaknesses in which these aspirants carry.

On that note, the Electoral body has concluded to put in works on each aspirant. The clearance list is being released, and every student needs to know which aspirants are being cleared for a proper election which is to be held today, 20th January.  We hope that your thoughts align with ours.

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