May 19, 2022


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Unilorin e-learning switch: LSS Press recounts Law students’ experiences

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By Popoola Rahmat, Ayodimeji Ameenat


Following a long pause in the academic activities due to the ASUU strike, the University of Ilorin, on the 11th of January, resumed virtually.

This development, being a new one resulted in students having mixed opinions on the process and the possibility of success of this new learning style. One of the advantages of a virtual classroom is the ability to attend classes comfortably and safely.

However, one of the issues students face with the system is bad cellular networks as people get logged out of their classes. Lecturers also have extreme difficulties logging into the virtual classrooms on schedule. Classes end up getting cancelled due to these difficulties.

Another major challenge is data consumption of most of the applications used for the virtual learning. Lecturers use various online platforms and applications for their classes — Google classroom, Google meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp. The usage of these variety of applications tend to consume too much data than students can handle.

Afolabi Abdullateef, a final year student says his classes were organised albeit a few technical issues. He mentioned that data usage is the major problem. He is of the opinion that the most convenient app for the classes is Google meet. According to him, it significantly reduces data consumption compared to other platforms.

Some students in the faculty are receiving seemless and understandable explanations of the notes and pdfs given to them by their lecturers. Oluwayiopese David said, “it’s being a great experience.”

Other students have been having some technical issues. In the face of adversity, some students have shown optimism like Owolabi Faruq who said, “although they struggled to set up class, we have been communicating via Google meet and WhatsApp and we are already learning”.

Students go through difficulties in accessing lecturers’ explanations to accompany study materials.


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