May 19, 2022


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Unilorin FM, UCJ agree on working relationship

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In furtherance to the efforts by the University of Ilorin chapter of Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ-UNILORIN) to engaging its members in broadcast media practices, the union yesterday met the executive officers of the university of Ilorin radio station, Unilorin FM, to cement a formidable working relationship.

In a meeting held at the FM radio station at the instances of the officials of the station and executive members of UCJ, the both media organizations discussed and agreed on areas of mutual interests.

UCJ president, Miss Eze Glory Chika had led a team on a courtesy visit to the Managing Director of the radio station, Mr Akintola Idris, popularly known as Aloma.

In the course of the visit, the both media outlets agreed to having correspondence units in all the fifteen faculties in the school and to be populated by interested members of UCJ-UNILORIN.

Other areas of collaborations include time-to-time trainings of UCJ members by the station; the involvement of UCJ-UNILORIN in broadcast media operations in the station for the purpose of gaining industrial and technical know-hows by the interested members of UCJ, and also a provision of a 30-minute airtime in the radio station for UCJ-UNILORIN members who have keen interest in broadcast Journalism to develop their broadcast media skills.

Relaying the side of his station to the working relationship, the MD of the radio station, Mr Aloma, appreciated the UCJ-UNILORIN team for the visit. He hinted on the areas of collaborations vis-a-vis the radio station’s operational core values.

However, ratifying the working relationship with the union of student journalists, he regardless maintained the essentiality of gatekeeping in his media house practices. He enjoined the visiting team to ensure that itself members key in to this principle of gatekeeping, saying “it’s sacrosanct in broadcast media.”

“I appreciate UCJ president for her candor and the courage she carries about. This is the impression I have had of her since the first day of meeting her.

“In our collaborative working relationship, for the sake of decorum, we may have to do some censorship in your workings with us as the mode of operations in broadcast media is a bit different from print media.

“As broadcast media, our operations are under monitor by the Nigeria Broadcast Commission (NBC), hence our contents must be inline with NBC’s directives.”, Mr Aloma said.

Talking about the roles the station will be engaging the UCJ in, Mr Aloma stated that: “it will interest the station to have UCJ members as the eyes and nose of the station in all the faculties. Relaying to the station what’s going on amongst the students in the University community, and also as standby correspondents in all faculties in an event there are newsworthy occasions going on in those faculties.”

Corroborating Mr Aloma’s stance, the head of news production department, Mr Tajudeen Babamale said although the station understands the usual radical approach UCJ-UNILORIN deploys in its operations, however that must be toned down in working with the radio station.

In his words, as paraphrased, ‘we are being monitored by NBC. So the choice of contents are things to be considered in our station’s operations. We understand that UCJ, at times can be radical, but if we can create a synergy, we can help in actualisation of many UCJ members’ dreams.”, Babamale said.

Also in the audience at the meeting was the head of programme, Mr Temitope Olaniyi who, in a visible surprise, confessed that he had never known of the existence of the 25 year old UCJ-UNILORIN in the university.

Olaniyi further expressed disappointment at the lack of cooperative working relationship between the radio station and UCJ-UNILORIN in spite of the union’s decades of existence.

He alluded to how people who ordinarily have no background in Journalism and no passion for the media profession have been constantly working into stations and make use of the station facilities, and in the long run become better versions of themselves, professionally.

He however encouraged UCJ-UNILORIN to tap on the opportunity of having the station at its disposal for its members professional growth.

In UCJ-UNILORIN team led by the Union’s president Eze Glory Chika were the vice president administration, Miss Jimoh Aisha; Vice president, Editorial Mr Abdullahi Ridhwan Adetutu; and the Union’s Director of Operations, Miss Halimah Abdulsalam.

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