May 17, 2022


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Unilorin holds 36th Convocation Press Briefing 

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Alao Afeez and Ogunlana Rukayat 

On Monday, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abdul Kareem Age,  accompanied by the University’s principal officers talked and engaged with several members of the press congress, television, radio, and other media outlets on issues, particularly on the matters that concern the University community at the 36th Convocation Press briefing held at the university auditorium.


During the question and answer session where the Vice-Chancellor answered questions from members of the press, Prof Abdulkareem mentioned that bravery and hard work can uplift a third class graduate over a first-class graduate. He emphasized that the “ability to think” matters most and it’s important to challenge students to think innovatively.

Mr. Olarotimi from RoyalFM questioned the engagement of Unilorin with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) — “I will not regret it until I go to my grave; making peace between two people is the best” – Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Age responded.

A question was asked about winning a Nobel prize for Science. Prof. Age believes in achieving and having people around him achieve too. He believes that he and his colleagues are doing things on campus that no one in the world is doing, and that would attain them a Nobel Prize someday.

In response to a question asked by Mr. Tosin Adeoye of Kwara TV on the challenges faced during his administration, the Vice Chancellor highlighted that his biggest headache has been “losing lecturers to retirement, death and transfers yet we can’t recruit new staff. Day and night, I’m walking around with that sorrow. We are hoping that the Federal government will add us to the recruitment body so we can recruit new staff”.

Speaking on his advice to the Federal Government on national issues that was posed to him, he said, “The advice I will have for the government is that I realize that they are being forced to borrow to run the government, it saddened me and the students that we have in the system now is quite different from the then looking at the reality, we just have to come up to assist the government”

He also spoke about students who might have been expelled from the University, how somethings are condoned while some are not.

“This is not the day to announce that, there are things the university cannot forgive, a girl or guy who cheats knows it is wrong if you manage to succeed illegally — this University doesn’t condone cheating. We may forgive other things, but the ones we don’t forgive are if you are found cheating, caught with drugs, and all heinous activities on campus” the Vice-Chancellor added while responding to Mr. Tosin Adeoye from Kwara State Television on the issue of expulsion.

(Conclusively, the Press briefing was discontinued at 12:26 p.m.)

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