May 26, 2022


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Unilorin Legal Aid Clinic, NULAI holds Policing Symposium

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Adegboye Aliyyah

The Legal Aid Clinic, in partnership with the Network Of University Legal Aid Institutions (NULAI), holds an “All Hand On Deck Policing Security Symposium” in an open space opposite Mofaji’s compound, Tanke Bubu Community.

The event is a sequel to the “Security Hub Rally” that featured a display of placards and banners carrying essential messages that portrays the cause.

The event witnessed the attendance of several notable members of the society including the Mogaji of Tanke Bubu, Mr. AbdulQadir Bawa, and other community heads from different communities in the Tanke area. Representatives from the National Human Rights Commission, Mr. A.F Ahmed, Mr. Taye Mustapha, and Mr. Ibrahim. O. Bello and the Nigerian Police Force from F- Division, Tanke was also brought on board with the event and their representatives were ASP Fanen Smith and ASP Farida Yusuf.

According to the Clinic Manager, Mr. Isiaka Abdulazeez, the initiative behind the symposium is a challenge put out by the Network of University Legal Aid Institutions (NULAI) won by two law clinics, that is,  the FUOYE Law Clinic and the Legal Aid Clinic, University of Ilorin. The essence of this challenge is to find initiative ways to tackle the issues of insecurity and bridge the gaps between the community and law enforcement agencies. He mentioned that it is clear as day that the community distrust the police for various reasons and this distrust causes a strain between them which in turn affects how the police will go about their primary duty, which is ensuring security.

The event featured an address by the staff adviser of the clinic and an address from the representative from the National Human Rights Commission, Mr. A. F Ahmed spoke on the history of the NHRC and their primary duties, also a speech on the history and duties of the police force by Fanen Smith.

The speeches are followed by several questions posed by members of the community to the police in the lack of proactiveness as regards security in the community and their violation of non-disclosure of informants and several other issues.

The members of the community, however, were thankful for the initiatives and asked questions on how to reach the NHRC. They gave out their contact and assured the citizens that their service is entirely free and that it’s a crime to collect even a token from an individual seeking their help.

The event took a turn as the proposed long-term plan by the legal aid clinic on their policing security challenge, which is tech-focused policing security, was launched. The phone numbers of the police and NHRC were called out to the community with a disclaimer that it should only be used in case of emergencies.

The numbers will be used in creating a WhatsApp group where the police, NHRC, and the community heads will be added. This is aimed at ensuring that Information as regards crime can easily be conveyed to the NPF. If it is an issue of violation of human rights then there will be easy access to the NHRC. 

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