May 17, 2022


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Jimoh Aisha

The Maritime Club, University of Ilorin, on the 31st of August placed second in The Women In Maritime Expert Enthusiast Conference held in the Obafemi Awolowo University.

According to The President of the club, Abubakar Husseinah Kehinde, while expressing her delight regarding the competition, she said: “It (the competition) is a good thing because Maritime is one aspect that is not explored by many and there are about 6 higher institutions with a Maritime society/ union, so, it was a good opportunity for maritime associations from different schools to connect and work together.”

The competition featured two major segments namely the Debate and PowerPoint Presentation and while the University qualified in flying colours in the first round, they couldn’t maintain the streak as they were overthrown with just 2.25 points by the hosting University, OAU. 

In an interview with one of the participants, Akintola Abduljalal, he says “it was a fierce fight between UNILORIN(University of Ilorin) and OAU(Obafemi Awolowo University) despite the presence of another school, LASU(Lagos State University).”  Again, in his words, he comments “ by our presentations, both the debate and PowerPoint, we made the audience know that UNILORIN is a force to reckon with.”

The President also added that “the competition was a good and an amazing thing for them and us that, since the inception of the establishment of this club, that was the first time we participated in a competition. And it was like an avenue for us to showcase ourselves and network”. 

The Unilorin team comprises Akintola Abduljalal[400 LEVEL, COMMON AND ISLAMIC LAW], Yusuf Eeman [200 LEVEL, COMMON LAW], Abubakar Husseinah Kehinde [500 LEVEL, COMMON AND ISLAMIC LAW], Ekpo David Upelle[ 300 LEVEL, COMMON LAW]  and Jaiyeoba Prisca Omolade[300 LEVEL, COMMON LAW].

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