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Unilorin: Meet FOC Winner Who Became A-day president

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By: Adepoju Rasaq Ayinde & Aliu Mariam Adedoyin.

On Monday, 4th of June 2018, Miss Awurum Jessica, was inaugurated as A-day president of better by far university, Unilorin. Miss Jessica, an 100level Common law student was inaugurated into office of the Student Union president after her emergence as the winner in the just concluded fresher oratory contest held on Wednesday, 30th of May 2018 at the university auditorium.

She had also earned herself a new laptop, a 7-day token for free meal and souvenir.
In an interview session with UCJ Unilorin, she expressed her feelings towards her inauguration.
UCJ: How do you feel being on this seat?

FOC Winner: I feel like the present president. Though, for the President to leave his seat for me for a day, he’s kind of underated and underappreciated because I can see that he has a lot to do in the office that is why we need to give more kudos to him for the accommodation.

UCJ: Do you have an ambition for this post?

FOC Winner: Hmm, well, I am not used to politics but I feel like being in this position if I was a politician.

UCJ: If you are opportune to be  the S.U president for a longer period, what will be your objective?
FOC Winner: well, I will focus on how to make students more comfortable and will be available to everyone of them.

UCJ: What have you achieved today?
FOC Winner: I feel so happy though, I have not really done much today because there are a lot people coming to visit me and that makes me more happy.

UCJ: Did you see yourself as the winner in the contest?

FOC Winner: I didn’t actually think I was going to win because when we went for the preliminary stage, I didn’t prepare much and I didn’t even believe I could qualify for the final stage. I studied my co-contestants and I utilized the democracy day to prepare more and I’m  very happy that I later won.

UCJ: Are there any challenges in this position?

FOC Winner: Yes! there are a lot of challenges because I can see different people coming to the actual president for different issues and this may affect his educational career.

UCJ: How can you rate the just concluded oratory contest?
FOC Winner: Intact! It was a beautiful contest, I didn’t even believe most of the dignitaries that came actually did and I commend the effort of all the contestants, they did great job.

UCJ: What do feel about the current “Together we can administration”?

FOC Winner: They are really trying their best and I urge the incoming administration to correct the lapses if there are any.

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