May 25, 2022


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UNILORIN plans to recruit young securities – Sub Dean

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By: OJEBODE, Seweuseter

The Sub Dean of Students Affairs Unit, University of Ilorin, has revealed that, the university in her attempt to address security issues has plans to recruit more security personnel on campus, at the recent SU Senate Council Plenary which held at the Lecture Theatre 2.
The issue of security was raised by Senators from different constituencies and the sub dean revealed that there are plans for recruitment of able bodies – young and capable hands – to substitute the old men in the uniform.
The Sub Dean also informed the house that police posts would soon be moved down to school area and this he believes will tame the issue of harassment from the SARS operatives raised by, Sen. Nifemi.
In addition to security issues was maintenance of classrooms. The Sub Dean stressed that, Deans of faculties are responsible for maintenance of academic areas in their respective faculties.
He then advised Senators making issues over the conditions of their faculties to walk up to the Deans of their respective faculties to fine-tune ways such conditions could be improved.
However as a token, he demanded he could be reached in furtherance to the steps taken with the Dean, he said during their meetings, such matters could be exclusively brought out but it would not be in official capacity.
Sub Dean also reacted to the issues raised concerning the poor maintenance of the hostels, he said very soon as this session is coming to an end, there is going be changes in the management of the hostels. The school has conclude the arrangement to employ for each hostel a new manager who will see to possible rehabilitation and renovation of the hostel in his care.
Sub Dean stated that this arrangement was different from what is like presently as only manager is overseeing the management of all the 9 hostels in the school; with this new arrangement, innovation and possible changes in over all affairs of the hostels would be visible.

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