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Unilorin: Questions, Answers, Highlights From Student Union Press Conference

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1.  Mr. Almubajal of UCJ asked: Why are scholars not been paid? He also asked, Why are clinic staff sometimes hostile to students?
Answer: As for scholars’ entitlement, it’s a privilege and not a right, but the union will lobby for it. More answers will be given during the students press conference proper. — Reedorf
Answer: 29 clinic staff, 3 males and others are females. They are mothers who knows the best for students. If you behave well in the clinic, you will be treated right but if not, you’ll be treated otherwise. — Clinic Director
2. What is the reason for clinic refusal to render health services to education students on SIWES and observation?
Answer: SIWES students are off campus and clinic services are rendered to only those whose list are sent to us, as having formal programs in school, so if they weren’t attended to, their names were not found on the list. — Clinic Director
3. When will the admission list be out?
Answer: It’s a national issue from JAMB. As at yesterday the university was with the JAMB. Any moment from now the list will be out. — DVC Management
4. Some graduand haven’t received certificates and transcript, why?
Answer: Every student will get it, if there are issues, see the registrar. — DVC Management
5. I have multiple GSE 301 on my portal, why?
Answer: Get to COMSIT and lodge a complaint about it, as there is a directorate concerned with that, any issue should be directed towards them.
6. Some people did not cross to the next level and still they weren’t given the PC tab they paid for, what is the school doing about it?
Answer: Not only the withdrawn students are yet to get their tabs but the school has the list of the withdrawn and in two or three weeks time, they will get it.
Category of students for 2013/2014 yet to get theirs, should report to the student affairs to get them.
Faculty of Agric, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences will all be given their PC tab once the consignment comes in.
7. What is the solution to missing results or seeing zero on my result?
Answer: There are two types of zeros, the genuine ones where the student actually got zero; the CBT centre scrutinizes results well. But for the other types which are due to errors, such students will be called back to retake the exam.
8. An hostel was robbed and a girl was injured, then we rushed her to the clinic, but the first question they asked was about she dress?
Answer: The allegation was denied. All health workers attend to students with emergency situations.
10. Why are students asked for clinic card even when it’s an emergency?
Answer: There should be a means of identification, because we once treated a student of Kwara Poly without knowing because the students who brought him told the people on duty, he is a student of the university. So, we can’t use our resources to take care of those with no identification
11. Why do we have old men as securities? What step is the management taking to ensure the security is well equipped with fresh bones?
Answer: The chairman of security said, there is always a review of everything happening on campus and they are working on it and the old men are well trained and  can only retire when they 65. — DVC Management
12. Ile apa community has two police post, but unfortunately they are both shut down. Moreover, students are living there as it is an extension of the university. What will the management do on that?
Answer: The police command has problem with personnel! Therefore, we must be our own securities, primarily!
13. Why are dress code and school security issue not taken serious?
Answer: The school takes the dress code issue seriously, there were challenges last session about it, because PUTME was scrapped, and there was no proper sensitization. But there will be improvement on this subsequently and school will do more about it.
14. On hostel price reduction.
Private hostel. There’s little we can do about it… But we are working on reduction. — Reedorf.
OnPublic hostel. We met with management and we frowned our eyes at the state of the hostel. The management is working tirelessly to ensure that we meet the standard.
Student should stop “tanke sir” or be careful — Sub dean & Reedorf.
Allocation of hostels is going to be digital. — Reedorf
SU won’t be giving out tabs for the coming session. It is 99% in progress. When they pay school fee it will not be on their portal. — Reedorf
There are nothing less than 8 Soludero buses patronising the University. — Welfare secretary
Authorities are working on resumption date, and it will be communicated later soon. Please be on the lookout — Reedof
Reedof on bandwidth.
The University management is trying to project their trajectories. We suggest that they step it up or make it optional. The university management is working on stepping it up.
The SU will have a website to authenticate information. — MYT
We will operate a PPP government.
public private partnership
Sub dean — Warned students against attending parties by unregistered, unrecognised societies off campus. He said it has led to expulsion of students in the past.
Portal for hostel accommodation will be opened next week Monday and Tuesday for returning students to apply. — Sub-dean
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