May 19, 2022


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Outstanding students clinch Glo awards

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GLO NG awards prizes to Unilorin outstanding students

Jimoh Aisha

Globacom Nigeria which was founded in the year 2003 by Mike Adenuga has over four thousand employees and over forty-five million subscribers in the world held a prize giving program in conjunction with Huawei, in the University of Ilorin main auditorium today, 18th of June, 2019.

At the inception of the program, Mr. Folarin Fafiyebi, the Head of operations, Kwara chapter gave a welcome speech, where he mentioned that the prize giving program is to encourage students to face their academics and ensure they come out in flying colors, so  they can boldly face the community. He further mentioned that Glo is a 4G super fast network that will enable students browse fast on the internet.

Mike Adenuga, the owner of Glo  represented by Mr. Olufela Kings, alongside Mrs. Modupe, one of the staff, and the Vice Chancellor of the University, presented the prize of a mobile phone (Huawei product) and a tee-shirt to five outstanding students of the university. The students, Famuyiwa, Adekola, Akinleye, Adama, Adedeji whose current CGPA are 5.0, 4.98 and 4.96 respectively are from different faculties of the university. 

The sponsor of the program, Globacom and Huawei also presented a gift to the school authority and promised the occurrence of such program in subsequent times.

The Vice-chancellor on his appreciative note appreciated the move of the two companies and implored them not to stop at giving these students prizes while they are in school, but also employ them as their staff as soon as they graduate from their academic pursuit. He also mentioned to these companies that the school clinic needs an expansion and the student affairs unit need a bus to convey students on special occasions and thereby implored them to provide a solution if they can as a means of promoting education in Nigeria.

Other personalities who graced the occasion are the dean of student affairs, the sub-dean of student affairs, Dr. Mahfouz Oladimeji, The registrar, who also stressed the VC’s point while giving the final speech, among others.

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