May 26, 2022


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Unilorin SC: Senator raises concern as lawmakers subscribe to informal mode of address

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Salman Ibraheem, Peter Christiana

A senator representing Law constituency, Senator Mustapha O. Habeeb has expressed his dissatisfaction over the mode adopted by members of the senate council to address themselves.

Shortly after the Deputy Senate Clerk finished reading the minute of the last sitting, Habeeb called the attention of the house to how lawmakers should be addressed on the floor of the house. He proposed that full names of senators should be written in stead of nicknames as adopted by clerk of the house in minutiae writing.

He said “It is something that is conventional, most especially in a gathering like this. I don’t think I know everyone’s full name here.”

In the same vein, a two term senator from Law constituency, Senator Yahaya Ramadan, popularly known as Lambo said that the issue raised doesn’t regard to resolution alone.

Lambo added ” The Senate Council sitting is not just a gathering. It is an official meeting and everything done here should not be unofficial”

“The Minutiae of The Last Meeting is an official record of the Senate Council and it should always carry senators’ full name and not nicknames. Not only that but every other documents of this house.” He submitted.

Senator Retina from Basis Medical Science looked at the issue from an opposing angle as he agreed with the use of nicknames as a mode of addressing senators in the Senate Council.

According to Retina, “Most of us are popularly known by our nicknames even more than our real name. We campaign with our nicknames and it is what we are identified with”

“Sometimes when you put the real name, students might not know who the bearer is because they are familiar with nicknames.”

As a way forward, the Senate President Senator David Titiloye decided to put it to a vote after several argument and majority of the senators voted to be address with their nicknames.

David, however, said that official documents will carry real names of lawmakers while the Minute of The Last Meeting will carry nicknames.

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