June 25, 2022


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UNILORIN School Fee: Student Affairs unit commends SU, says efforts are being made to restore normalcy

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The Student Affairs Unit of the university of Ilorin in a recent release made available to the UCJ has commended the efforts of the Students Union in their reaction towards the hike in school fees.

The Unit further noted that it is expected of the students to react towards such even if a naira is added. The Unit has however called for a resolution meeting between Union leaders and faculty Presidents on Monday.

The Press Release reads:


We have read, not with any iota of surprise, the reactions of unilorites and of course, that of the Student Union in a statement jointly signed by Mr.President and Union PRO on recent fees for 2018/2019 Academic Session.

The courage shown in the content is commendable of Union leaders. However, this statement is for education of our teaming students and its leadership on what culminate in such decision…We must all be positive and see beyond “as it was, so shall it be forever” thinking..Expectedly, even  if #1 was added, there will be reaction..The question is how justifiable is the reaction in the face of present realities in providing qualitative university education with needed facilities that guarantee such.

For the purpose of record,  the university as a matter federal govt policy is not charging tuition fees as erroneous captured in the Union statement..What you have here is university charges and faculty charges..The items that makes up the charges are simply fundamental and basic. For instance, examinations remains sacrosanct,  same for provison of state-of-the-art health and library facilities..In addition to stable electricity in an ever expanding University community. It implies what is obtainable about 12years ago can no longer sustain the University in this century.

Across board, we can confidently tell you that Unilorin, even with slight adjustment in fees payable is still paying the least in this nation..Idea thing to do is to please confirm by comparing statistics of what is payable in other universities..This however does not foreclosed negotiation between the Union and University management for reasonable concession. Presently, the Student Affairs Unit is consulting for possible reduction..Hence, by tomorrow, Monday, November 5,  2018, there will be a meeting with leadership of the Student Union, Faculty Presidents and UCJ by 10am at the SAU office.

While the Union release is timely and well worded,  the truth must be told that the Union went beyond its boundary by ordering students no to pay..That’s insubordination and dabbling carelessly into university’s administrator matter particularly on policy matter..If as a student,  you have to set your charges, then who owns power to teach and set examination questions? Which course to be Required, Compulsory or optional?  It is logical to fight but with boundaries not crossed.

We shall open our doors for sound minded negotiation as proposed in the Union statement but not to compromise ethical issues in university of limit of Student Union in critical issues.

We salute your courage and welcome open minded interactions.

Student Affairs -UNILORIN”

It however noted that the Union went beyond its boundaries by asking Students not to pay.


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