May 19, 2022


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UNILORIN student allegedly raped, maimed to death

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  • Students raise alarm on safety

By Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez


A 300- level student of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ilorin, Miss. Olajide Omowumi Blessing, has been allegedly raped and maimed to death by unknown culprits.

The deceased was reportedly found dead in her residence and was said to be residing with a relative along the Winners Chapel Road, Tanke in the Ilorin environs. Her corpse was found in her room, with a note that says “No forgiveness from University of Ilorin”. The image of the body has circulated virally on the social media, but upon consideration by the Editorial Board of the UCJ UNILORIN, would not be reproduced here as a gesture of respect to the dignity to the deceased.

In a report by The Nation Newspapers, the Kwara State Police Command has began intensive investigations into the cause of death of Miss. Blessing.

The Nation Newspapers reported thus:

“Kwara Police Command spokesperson Ajayi Okasanmi confirmed the incident, adding the Command has launched a manhunt on the perpetrators.

Okasanmi gave details of the incident: “The deceased stayed with her elder sister. The elder sister came back from work at about 06:00pm on Tuesday, saying that she had tried severally to reach her on phone but couldn’t as the phone kept ringing.

“She came back from work to meet the door of her apartment locked and couldn’t gain entry despite repeated knocks on the door. She then called some neighbours who helped to break open the door.

“They all met the deceased lying dead on the floor when they entered with her two hands tied to the back and her mouth gagged. She was met naked, bruises were noticed on her private part, her mouth was covered among others.

“Also, a note said to have been written on a piece of paper was placed on her chest containing a message, “Unilorin doesn’t forgive”.

“The people later informed the police at F’ Division Police Station, who discovered the dead body, snapped the picture, and took the corpse to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) for autopsy.”

The deceased, in a voice record by a neighbour of the deceased, whose identity has been concealed on a request of anonymity, described that the deceased was “a very nice person, respectful and kind soul” who showed love to everybody”. The neighbour decried the incident, and urged the authorities to investigate into the circumstances of the killing and prosecute the culprits.

The Students’ Union of the University of Ilorin, in a statement made several hours after the incident and upon repeated calls by members of the public, stated via its Twitter handle that it is not unaware of the incident and that “necessary steps are already being taken by the police to ensure that the perpetrator(s) are nipped in the buds”.

Also, in a separate statement made around 8 pm on the 3rd of June, 2021 by the President of the Union, Mr. Taofik Waliu (Omoluabi), made also several hours into the incident, he urged the student to “preach peace and stay safe” and that that all is being done to ensure justice for the deceased. He wrote, via his Twitter handle, that “we will not stay aloof as if we’re not concerned. Rather, we’ll contribute our quota, constructively and legally to ensure #justiceforblessing.”

The #JusticeForBlessing hashtag has been trending on the social media, especially on Twitter, with individuals calling for justice for the deceased and had decried the silence of the University management, for keeping mum and not releasing a statement on the incident.

According to eye-witnesses, five guys have been arrested by the Police in connection to the incident. The students of the University of Ilorin has decried the incident, expressing fear that the events may be an indication to the fact that they are not save in their homes. They urged the authorities to bring the culprits to book, and ensure that the University environs is made safe for students to conduct their academic pursuits in an environment free of fear of threat to lives and properties.

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