May 19, 2022


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UNILORIN Students’ Union Judicial Council to organise nationwide maiden Judgement Writing Competition

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By Christiana Peter


The Students’ Union Judicial Council of the University of Ilorin under the leadership of Hon. Justice Azeez Mujeeb, is set to hold a National Online Judgment Writing Competition.

This was made known in a statement made available to our judicial correspondents early into the week.

According to the statement, the competition is said to be a manifestation of the Judicial Council’s resolve to maximize the potentials of undergraduate minds both within the University of Ilorin and beyond; and systematically train participants in the rare skills of decision-making and extensive research.

The competition is themed in accordance with the popular PLAIN ENGLISH MOVEMENT.

It would be recalled that most skepticism that often surrounds judicial institutions in Nigeria of which the Student Union Court is not an exception is that it continues to make the language of judgments very technical such that even laymen and average speakers of the English Language do not often understand.

“This” according to Justice Azeez “may have been the reason for little appreciation of the ENERGY and SKILL that have been infused into many landmark cases in the history of the Student Union.’’

The Chief Justice continues that “If one is name a few, the ASUKUTI Case where the Student Union Court had to entertain the question of admissibility of Electronically generated evidence and the powers of the Senate Council to sit in quasi-judicial capacity.

“The FOCUS Case involving the President of Faculty of Engineering who was indefinitely suspended by the legislative arm and rather ultimately the BAILIFF’s Case involving one Ibrahim Ridwan Bolaji the Bailiff of the Student Union Judicial Council in which the Student Union Court had to trace the history of locus standi from 1980s to 2017 in order to reach her decision.

“A decision which many who may not have read it are quick to dismiss as too unprecedented and controversial. Well, maybe controversies are the engineers of change.”

Therefore, as a means of solving these problems, the Judicial Council through her research found the #PLAINENGLISHMOVEMENT as a mechanism of bridging the gap that had existed between Union Members and the Student Union Court or the Judicial Council.

As a means of rebranding these judicial value systems, the Council intends to use this competition to send a strong signal to student judges to redirect their style of writing judgments and institutionalize writing in plain English for easy comprehension and appreciation of court judgments”.

The objective of the competition is to “model contemporary judges in the uncommon art of judgement writing and decision making which is society-oriented in content and form rather than being too legalistic and monotonous”.

The Judicial Council also wishes to prove a point that “ideal judges can write beautifully, legally and judicially without losing societal appeal”.

As a means of advancing these objectives, the Judicial Council shall experiment with football terminologies and tactics throughout the competition. Fans will be able to vote their best referees (judges) of the tournament (Competition), the best club (Team) in the League (competition). The Fans Club who are voters will also be entitled to jerseys(cash), boots(BOOKS) and many more during the pendency of the competition. “We hereby call for football gurus to send a mail for indication of interest to provided they are university of Ilorin students with proof of studentship”

The Tournament will commence on the 17th July, 2020 and will run for two weeks with Rounds, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Final. For more enquiries, please forward same to

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