May 19, 2022


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Unilorin Students Union’s officials to pocket N3.6 Million as salary

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  • Senate Council to seat on 58.17%
  • Central Executive Council takes 31.8%
  • Judicial Council to gavel 9.93%

No less than 3.6 million naira will be pocketed by the officials of the University of Ilorin Students’ Union as renumerations, allowances and privileges in the President Okoko Wisdom’s led 2019/2020 administration; a budgetary document has revealed.

Members of the Central Executive Council (CEC), the Senate Council and the Judicial Council will receive take-home packages to the tune of N3,624,000 as their salary for the session.

The salary and other renumerations breakdown was contained in a document, a copy of which was obtained by the Press, Saturday, at the Senate Council plenary session on budget presentation and defence. The document details the 2019/20 administration’s budgetary allocations to the three arms of the Union.

According to the provision of the budget as contained in the document, the Senate Council have the highest share of the salary as the lawmakers will earn N2,108,000 which makes 58.17% of the over-all salary provision for the session, while the Central Executive Council and the Judicial Council’s salaries are N1,156,000 and N360,000, which are 31.8% and 9.93% respectively.

As the head of the CEC, Wisdom Oluwaseun Okoko, (Passion’s) basic salary is N138,000 (=11,500 per month). The Vice Presidents will earn N138,000 apiece while the General Secretary’s take-home pay is six thousand naira lesser to that of the Vice Presidents’, N108,000.

Other CEC officials, which include the Assistant General Secretary, Welfare Secretaries, Financial Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Social Security and the Sport Secretary, will earn N90,000 each.

Aside from the basic salary, the Public Relations Officer and the Financial Secretary are entitle to allowances which include; Data Subscription Allowance, which makes 46.67% of his (PRO’s) salary, N42,000 and Emoluments Disbursement Allowance (for the Financial Secretary) which makes 11.1% of his salary, a sum of N10,000.

The principal officers of the Senate Council basic salary is N378,000, with the Senate President taking a 33.3% share, which is N126,000 and the Deputy Senate President will take N102,000, which makes 26.99% while the Senate Clerk and the Deputy Senate Clerk will take 22.2% and 17.51%, which amount to N84,000 and N66,000 respectively.

Meanwhile, 54 other lawmakers will share N1,620,000 as their sitting allowance for 10 sittings. 11 hall representatives will be paid N10,000 each.

The Judicial Council, as the arm which receive the least pay, have the Chief Justice who earns N76,500 after 9 months as the highest paid official. Adrift him is the registrar who will be paid N58,000 for 10 months while the bailiff’s salary at the end of 10 months will be N49,500.

6 other Justices will go home with a sum of N30,000 each also after 10 months.

The Registrar is entitle to Subscription Allowance of N9,000 outside his salary. Likewise the bailiff is entitle to Transportation Allowance of N4,500.

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