May 17, 2022


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Unilorin SU Election: Warnings to the Winners

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The words contained in this article are meant for all the candidates announced a few days ago as the winners of the Unilorin SU election, starting from Mr President. Well, before I proceed, a very big congratulations to you all.

Attaining a leadership position is part of success in the life of a man, especially as a youth. However, success in this regard won’t be a complete one without fulfilling all the conditions attached to the position assumed. All the responsibilities must be carried out with due care and diligence. A leader becomes distinguished by his level of uprightness and that’s why Yoruba would say, doing things as it’s been promised is the honour of “Omoluabi” (someone with integrity).

I saw his face as it was painted with a determination that evening, Mr President, as he was gesticulating and vibrating on the Podium at the Presidential Debate inside University Auditorium, promising lots of things that his administration was going to do. His tone was commanding and he said a lot of heartwarming words, maybe that’s why he won people’s hearts and the election.

I hope Mr President(-elect) can still remember all that he said? I hope he’s preparing to implement all necessary decisions? Hope all the promises were not business as usual? Hope the passion to do better (to be the best) has not been relinquished? Hope he’s ready to prove to us that he’s more of a leader than a politician? Hope our hopes won’t be shattered under his Watch? Hope everything was not ‘Lori iro’ (upon lies)?

Well, all other winners should ask themselves these questions as well. They owe us (Students) a duty of care. They should always make us a priority as the running of this administration is concerned. If they fail to do what suppose to be done in a way that it’s supposed to be done, then – we shall leave them with God (Awon nun, Olohunh nun).

A student asked during the election period that “what are we going to benefit, sef?” that is, what is in there for us as voters, as students, from the leadership of Students Union? I processed the question in my mind for few seconds before I abandoned it. I just felt like “let’s wait to find out” may we not die. So, do you think we are practically going to gain anything? Is this all not just a matter of procedure? Are the holders of the positions not just Figureheads? Is this not… Add to these questions, please. Let ask them!

All “…of the greatest gbogbo …gbagbas” is now to be proven. The real action is now to be displayed for the speaking phase has passed, acting phase is the next. The Union is already salivating to taste those beautiful agenda of this administration. May we never be disappointed. Amen.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

Warren Bennis said that and I concur. All that is required is steadfastness. The dream of Unilorites is big beautiful ones. We dream to have a better (even, if not by far) Union; a conducive and safe University environment; fair treatment of students; a hitch-free transportation scheme; a working water and power system; transparent and responsive governance and a lot more.

You people should remember that we are all lamenting about the epileptic running of the Nigerian government. We are all not satisfied because we feel cheated and our opinion disregarded, this, we don’t want from you – the new anchors of the Union. On the stormy sea of leadership, may the Almighty above see you through, so that your ship won’t wreck and sink. Remember! The success of this administration is your gain. And I say a big congratulations to you again!

This article is written by Ojo Oluwaseun, 300 Level student of the department of Combined Law, Faculty of Law and is published under the Guest-Writer harmonisation policy of the UCJ-UNILORIN. Ojo can be reached via

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