May 17, 2022


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UNILORIN SU hosts first-ever Trade Fair at College

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Gbemisola Ibrahim

The Student Union of the University of Ilorin on Thursday kicked off her first-ever Trade Fair at the College of Health Sciences, Oke-oyi.

The fair hosted traders from within and outside the university at the college of health sciences  football field, old college

During an interview with the S.U president, Taofeeq Waliullah(Omoluabi), he expressed his delight to have a trade fair at the College of Health Sciences, that it has always been in his plans for the students.

“When I was contesting for the presidential seat I noticed a seclusion of the College Of Health Sciences from the permanent site. So, it was a part of my plans that when in office we will organize programs that extend to college.”

When asked what motivated the organizing of the program he explained that his motivation was to remove agitation of students and the zeal to meet the expectations of COHS.

The event had an impressive turnout with about 13 vendors whose stands had a variety of products ranging from perfumes, shoes, body creams, beddings, phone accessories, system gadgets, photography props and more.

Henry, also known as Tech doctor, a 300L medical student noted that the turnout was impressive even though the event was announced in a short time. He also expressed that the turnout could be more if students from both new and old college were present for both selling and buying.

The event was an opportunity to network, relax and relieve students entrepreneurs the burden of going door to door. It was a big plus for the buyers too as products were sold at a discount price.

“The program was to encourage student entrepreneurs in college,” Victoria Eluma, the Student Union Vice President (COHS) told UCJ, Unilorin. She also urged the next administration to keep up the work.

“For a place where students are mostly skeptical about such events, the next administration should do more.”

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