May 19, 2022


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Just before the expiration of your tenure, I think it’d be unfair if we keep mute and pretend that all has gone well so far; the 17/18 Students’ Union of the University of Ilorin Should be reminded that their administration is undoubtedly a failure. We wouldn’t want the coming administration to lead by your example, except otherwise, they’d be leading a failed example as well.
We attended your manifesto; you did well, you lied well, who cares? It is politics; we expected it. We didn’t expect a honorarily failed administration that can’t even point out anything it has accomplished after 10months in office. We had thought you would do well when you elected to lead us, but you failed, woefully; you chose less important things to our academic excellence and general well-being. You betrayed the promises you made during your campaign and manifesto.
The promise of being a good representation of students’ interests.
The promise of leading the Union forward
The promise of making academic activities easier and transportation easier.
The promise of easy access to the internet.
I have, in fact, already lost count of the promises you made but failed.
Surfacing with this piece to label your tenure a failure is not my decision according to my own prejudice. It is what has happened, it is what is happening, I’ll apparently be biased if I left out the reason behind the failure of your administration, so I’d rather have you lend me your eyes right away:
This is certainly an indisputable pillar of your administration which you woefully failed in. In tertiary institutions, access to information is essential to all students. It is the office of the PRO to disseminate information to all students using the appropriate medium at the appropriate time with the appropriate grammatical English construction.
But the office of the PRO failed in this; your predecessor had only a means of disseminating information, they had only WhatsApp group chats, yet they delivered outstandingly. Your administration has more than 4 mediums (The scoolnetwork website, the scoolnetwork application, the students union official website, and WhatsApp). Yet, we saw nothing; we see nothing; it is so unfortunate that the CA test for 100/200l students was announced on Thursday even when the test was supposed to commence the coming Monday; what happened to the two weeks prior notice we usually had?. Office of the PRO failed; in fact, the PRO broadcasts during the election campaign were much more than the news disseminated since the assumption of his office.
I mean all together.
 Water and electricity were nothing close to what we dearth last session; I mean, we had enough of it; there was electricity, night class was all at ease, the hostels had water. It saddens I had to use “had” because we do not have those things anymore. Students from private hostels and, in fact, School hostels have practically and literally extended their concern on this to the office of the President, yet nothing was done. All the feedback that was heard was still the same fake promises made during the campaign.
As I recalled, this wasn’t the case during the time of your predecessor; they took every aspect of student complaints very importantly.
We now walk with fear on campus, especially overnight, not specifically running from cultists, bullies, or thieves. Still, we are cohabiting with large snakes, so many of them in different colors, fat snakes, green snakes, black snakes (python, viper, cobra) because the bush around the classes is taller than the tallest student in the class. We have appealed to the president’s office to help, so students don’t get bitten by deadly snakes, but little or nothing has been done about it.
My colleague has written severally to the president on this, and I was a victim at Tanke; the rule is you don’t get to have beards; if you do, don’t walk, If you walk, you will get arrested by SARS because you have beards and you’re portrayed to be an internet fraudster, you’d be forced to give them money if you don’t think they beat you up. It has even gotten so intense that these SARS now move randomly to students’ hostel around oke odo to beat them up. We have asked the president to do something about this, yet we’ve seen no change concerning the issue so far.
I’ll equally lose count on this if I continue to enlist the reasons why your administration has failed.
My fellow Unilorite, Election “baga bugu” has commenced again on campus; let’s choose who we deem worthy of whatever position for the coming administration, Say no to intimidation, say no to influences, say no to big grammars that do not apply to paper and common sense of leadership.
Please choose the best; let us walk off this path of failed governance and walk back once again into the path of facile campus life.
I’m Akin Omo Akin
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