May 25, 2022


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Unilorin SU launches application for academic information

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“It is a platform for us to share innovative and academic information” – Reedorf.
The Student Union University of Ilorin, has witnessed the birth of an application that will help students get information at their fingertips.
According to a Scoolnetwork representative, the application is meant to improve the academic performance of the ‘Better by far’ students. The application is designed to save test, lecture and examination schedules, give announcements and reminders of those schedules and other things saved on it.
Answers were given to the questions asked about the application as well as commendations on the effort of the team.
The programme ended with a closing remark by the Student Union President, introduction of the Scoolnetwork team and a group photo session respectively at some minutes past 6pm.
The event had in attendance some Student Union executives including the President, representatives from faculties, departments and associations on campus.
Jimba Azeez

Shittu Aisha Adetoun


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