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University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria

07:50pm GNS 311 FINALLY ADJOURNED It is with great concern, and utmost care that the Student Union executives use this medium to inform our “Better by Far” students that the GNS 311 earlier slated to hold on Thursday 18 January, 2018 has been adjourned.
It’s on this note that, we would love to remind the students about their welfare which is our utmost concern. We strongly understand and feel the stress of coming and leaving campus, we want to assure you that the menace shall soon be an issue of the past as we are working around the clock to whittle this though, the remote cause is the fuel scarcity which is a national problem.
However, if you encounter any issue with your courses, reach out to your level adviser. For any technical issue or query on your portal, reach out to ‘COMSIT’ unit on this mail
For any clarity on any issue, come down to the Student ‘Union Building’ as we are glad to entertain and address all your complains as our promise for “No door” policy still holds.For effective running of this administration, don’t forget;Together We Can. STUDENT UNION

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