May 19, 2022


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Unilorin SU: Senate hands Welfare Secretary two-week suspension, orders refund of misappropriated fund

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By Salman Ibrahim, Christiana Peter

The Senate Council (SC) of the University of Ilorin Students’ Union has suspended the Welfare Secretary, (PS), Comrade Viktor after he was allegedly found wanting for misappropriation of a sum of N90,000 (Ninety Thousand Naira).

The suspension came after Viktor failed to give a succinct account of how the money, which was meant for a programme organized by his office before the lockdown, was expended.

The Senate, during its 5th ordinary sitting on Saturday, ordered that the missing funds should be refunded within the period of his suspension.

Also, the Welfare Secretary was found guilty by the Senate for violating the Students’ Union Constitution by constituting an ‘unconstitutional’ Task Force Committee which was formed to receive complaints from students living outside the University campus so as to address landlords/students crisis.

The formation of the committee which comprises three serving Senators; Sen. Oladimeji Kazeem (Algebra), Sen. Ohjay, and Sen. Gscales, according to the Welfare Secretary was necessary. He said: “It’s not a committee. It’s a task force constituted to avert face-off between students and their landlords.

“Upon resumption, many students at various places around Tanke were complaining to me about their landlords. The complaints were too much for me to handle alone, so I felt it’s necessary to form a task force to ease the pressure and arrest the situation Immediately.”

Reacting to this, Sen. Mum’s Prayer said that the Welfare Secretary should be pardoned since the task force committee was constituted to cater to the needs of the students.

Sen. Yahya Ramadan (Lambo) from the Faculty of Law craved the indulgence of the house to the fact that the formation of the committee was necessary but it was not in line with the Students’ Union constitution.

Lambo, therefore, urged the Senate to mitigate his (Viktor) punishment, added “If we should suspend the Welfare Secretary, the Union will feel his absence as there is no one to perform his role. As a matter of fact, his office is very important.”

He thus proposed that Viktor should write an apology letter to the Senate Council and the student populace as against motions to be suspended for a month and two weeks suspension moved by Sen. Sulaiman and Sen. Kaosar respectively.

After putting into vote, it was resolved that the Welfare Secretary would write a letter of apology.

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