May 19, 2022


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Unilorin SU: UISA writes Senate Council, calls for withdrawal of representative

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Ibraheem Salman

A letter has been submitted by the Unilorin International Students’ Association, UISA, to pull out Senator Mustapha Habeeb as its representative for the 2020/21 session from the Students’ Union Senate Council.

The decision to withdraw Habeeb from the senate, according to the association’s president, Bona Samuel, is a unanimous one and not political. 

As provided in the UISA’s constitution, the president is vested with the power to represent the association at the Senate Council, and if he decides not to represent, he can therefore appoints any other member executive of the association.

Habeeb, who was the erstwhile president, also served as the association’s representative at the Senate Council last session. Upon assumption of office, Samuel admitted that he made a unilateral decision by appointing him (Habeeb) to continue representing the association at the Senate Council which ‘other executive members alongside the members of the association vetoed’.

“Due to that, we wrote a letter to the Senate floor requesting a change and also informing them that I the will be representing the union,” Samuel added.

In her opinion, the UISA General Secretary, Hosken Caroline Mathilda retailed that the decision to revoke Habeeb’s appointment is occasioned by the fact that he was not always available when his attention was needed.

“When the president informed us (executives) to give our take on this particular issue, we took it to our members and we heard what people said. Virtually everyone was against it,” she said.

“Habeeb is a good person and has done a lot for the association but he’s often not reachable. Whenever you need him, he’s not there. He’s not reachable and not accessible.

“We felt it’s required to have a different person represent us. When we place it on board that whosoever that is interested should signify and we have to do screening to know who would represent us, no one indicated interest and then the president promised to represent us at the Senate Council.”

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