May 17, 2022


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Unilorin Transportation Committee Disapproves Free Access of Korope to Executives

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Shittu Opeyemi 

While the heated competition for transportation continues to ravage Unilorin, practically every Unilorite has been a victim of bad circumstances at some point. Some students have been subjected to so much stress that if you ask them what the worst transportation experience they’ve had, they won’t be able to tell you because every day is a nightmare in terms of transportation, just like any other day in hell.

The battle for transport has led to the survival of the fittest among students as a larger percentage of students resulted in shunting just to bypass the stress they might incur which they deemed unnecessary passing through the normal procedure, an act that is severely frowned against by the authority.

Hence, the Students Union in collaboration with the school authorities to ensure orderliness and equal representation in the park formed a transport committee who makes it its utmost responsibility the smooth running of the park affairs and to prevent shunting ensuring that all students are attended to on first come first served basis that one person does not get an undue favour or advantage over another.

The chairman of the transport committee while giving updates on the activities of the committee to the parliament which was held on the 7th of August 2021 at EDLT Faculty of education, he expresses his dissatisfaction as some of individual who uses the card of being faculty, unit and departmental President and Excos and to gain free pass at the school park even including senators whose the magnitude of their corruption knows no bound

“Some senators and Excos do come with a convoy of friends who are not members of the executive and the senator will extend their free-pass card to them because they are  friends.”

He said he was at the park coordinating one day when someone gave him a phone saying that a call was meant for him while speaking to the person on the other end of the phone who claims to be a certain senator that a group of people was with him that he should allow them to enter without queuing which then begs another question, does being an officeholder give them the power to enter the vehicle without queuing in the first place let alone abusing it, by leveraging on their influence to extend the free pass to their friends, and colleagues?

Senator Arazeem from the Faculty of Art while speaking said being a senator should come with certain privileges unavailable to an ordinary student like entering vehicles in the park without queuing, they are part of the perks of being a member of an executive.

Senator Abdulsalam Olawale from the faculty of Engineering supported the point raised by Senator Arazeem saying that he cannot go out of his way using his energy to cater for the welfare of the students all day only to get to the park to stand over an hour in line. 

Senator Arazeem gave his stance on the privileges of the senators. 

“Being an officeholder can be more stressful than one can think of,” He said.

He gave instances of how the parliament sitting started on the 7th turns overnight and continues till the 8th of August. He said he is serving the students with his strength and even his money in the sense that he spends more than what he collects as salary.

However, when a student gave his opinion he said an officeholder knows what he/she signed up for when they take up the title. They accept the responsibilities, difficulties, and all that comes with the job that these should not be the reason for what he deems undue favour.

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