May 19, 2022


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UNILORIN Transportation Hitch: Mgt. injects new Marcopolo buses to ease students movement

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By Eze Glory Chika, Ibrahim Salman, Abdullahi Ridhwan Adetutu

The university of Ilorin Vice Chancellor, Professor Sulymon Age AbdulKareem, yesterday, took delivery of no fewer than five new Marcopolo buses as part of the effort to enhance efficiency in the transportation system of the students.

This, according to the Sub Dean of Student Affairs, Dr Alex Akanmu, is Sequel to the resolution of the university’s 166th Council Meeting, and the Wisdom Okoko-led Students’ Union’s resolute towards alleviating the hardships being experienced by the students in respect to their transportation to and fro the school.

The reality of this poses a strong indications that the school’s, alongside the Students’ Union’s ambitions to tackle the perennial transportation hitch is yielding desired results.

According to the Sub Dean who amongst other officials, joined the Vice Chancellor to receive the vehicles, the buses are part of intervention of the erstwhile National Union of Road Transport Workers’ boss Mallam Najeem Usman Yasin, to help reduce the stress students go through in terms of movement to and fro the campus.

As at the time UCJ-UNILORIN broke the news yesterday, out of the 10 purported buses, only five have arrived Ilorin while three have found their ways to the university campus.

In a debriefing session with UCJ-UNILORIN, Dr Alex confirmed that the coming of the vehicles is an intervention of Mallam Yasin in order to alleviate transportation difficulties experienced the students.

He further stated that the Students’ Union is prominently featuring in the arrangement, adding that “We are expecting 10 buses but 5 have arrived.”.

Dr Alex made no secret of the fact that he intended to bid transportation and accommodation issues a farewell before the end of his tenure as the Sub Dean of Students’ Affairs.

While speaking on how far the school management has gone in solving the problem of transportation, he said “This (the intervention) is an evidence and we are not stopping here”

“In December, after the 166th Council Meeting, council felt that instead of bringing more Koropes, we should think of buses of bigger capacity and that is what we are after now”.

Dr Alex however gave the description of the modus operandi of the new buses, stating that the vehicles will ply their trade within school park and Tanke terminus but talks will be ongoing with the state government to see if the buses will be allowed to extend their trade to Post Office.

“All of us will put on our thinking caps and let’s experiment it for the next two weeks and see what happens” he added.


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