May 26, 2022


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Unilorin VC breaks fast with students

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The university of Ilorin vice Chancellor, professor Sulaymon Age on Saturday hosted hundreds of students of the university in his residence for 13th day of Ramadan Iftor (breaking of fast).

With the help of the university’s public transportation system purposely situated at the school central mosque, and the strong coordination by the Sub Dean of the students’ affairs, Dr Alex Akanmu, in conjunction with the welfare committee of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, MSSN, the university’s students, like a surge of ocean’s wave, trooped into the residence to welcome the VC’s invitation.

The gesture could be said afforded the VC the first informal public interactions with his students since his assumption; while to the majority of students, the first opportunity to have a glimpse of the institution’s number one officer.

In his remark, the Vice Chancellor thanked the students gathering for honouring his gesture; he assured them he would be attentive to their plights in school and that he would ensure their welfarism be given paramount attention.

“I am out here to appreciate your coming to break your fast with me and my family. May God, the Almighty Allah accept our intentions.

“I also use this opportunity to thank you, in spite of all the inconveniences you have experienced on the campus, I assure you, your concern are paramount and will be given due attention when they get to me.

“Now after leaving this place, let me assure you that whatever you need, you can get it to me through your president. I assure you everything to make you feel homely on campus will be done for you. I thank you all.”, VC concluded.

The VC had on Friday, through MSSN, Unilorin chapter, released a broadcast inviting the fasting students to his staff quarters lodge to break their fast with him.

Meanwhile, as what could be considered a norm in event such like this, a number of the attended students were not satisfied with the outcome. Complaints were heard as results of some students inability to secure meal packages at the event. Some others also opined that the programme might not have been designed to accommodate such huge number of the students.

Regardless, majority of the university students rained praises on the VC’s for his intention.

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