May 26, 2022


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Unilorin Wikimedia Club sets to host SDGs-themed Event

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By Rukayat Ogunlana

Wikipedia is set to organize its Sustainable Development Goals project, which is scheduled to be held physically at the University of Ilorin Students’ Union Hall on the 27th of March, 2021. The event would also be made virtually available to audiences through streaming, to enable more individuals to participate in the event.

The event, which is tagged “Wiki Loves SDGs Nigeria”, is targeted at bridging the knowledge gap about Sustainable Development Goals and projects in Nigeria on Wikipedia and orientating the student populace on the workings and objectives of the University’s Wikimedia Club. The event, through its physical and virtual schedules, intends and plans to bring civic organizations, youth volunteers and youth networks together to create contents and awareness about SDGs and improve on already existing contents on the Wikipedia page and on Wiki Data.

The event is scheduled to be hosted by the organization’s Project Lead in Nigeria, James Popoola and is planned to feature and exhibit the works of experienced Unilorin wikimedians. The programme is projected to span across three days: Saturday, the 27th of March; Saturday, the 10th of April and on Saturday, the 24th of April, all in the year 2021. Within those days, the Wikimedia Fan Club intends to introduce English Wikipedia and Wiki data to new and existing Wikimedians to facilitate and ensure that the smooth creation and editing of articles is made effective.

James Popoola, Alabi Bolaji and Tomori Uriel, three reputable Wikimedians in an interview on the Radio program “Table Talk” on Tuesday, the 16th of March, 2021, aired on Unilorin FM, reiterated the purpose of the event and how it is going to largely influence the populace on how Sustainable Development Goals are perceived in Nigeria and give due recognition to those at the forefront of different Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria.

The Wiki Loves SDGs programme is to explore many themes on SDGs, highlighting worthy SDGs leaders and formulating biographies for them while also improving on and creating SDGs-themed articles on Wikipedia pages.

The event is an internationally-organised programme by the renowned Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving people free access to information. However, the Wikimedia Club in Unilorin, as a Wikimedia unit is representing the organization in Nigeria, thereby fulfilling its objectives and fulfilling its goals on the University campus towards the values the Wikimedia organization holds dear.

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