May 19, 2022


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UnilorinDecide21: Will the newly elects be ready to fulfil their cardinal promises?

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—Alao, Afeez Oluwatamilore

The Unilorin Independent Electoral Commission on Tuesday, April 25 announced the results of the just-concluded University of Ilorin Students’ Union election. Officials of UIEC declared the newly-elected students union leaders for the 2021/2022 administration. And for this session election, however, Unilorites desire a quick realisation of campaign promises.

Beyond that, it is important to throw light on the growing problems students are facing today: the seemingly never-ending problem of transportation, security and other insidious problems on campus. So far, here’s a quick abstract of the key tasks that lie ahead for the newly-elected student’s leaders.

Indeed, that time is now for students union elected leaders to get commitments on issues challenging the University community — particularly getting the kind of students leaders we deserve. Essentially, transparency and accountability must prevail whilst facilitating development for all Unilorites — added to this is the need to halt the surge of misappropriation of funds and inefficiency in the union.

Without any iota of reasonable doubt, access to a good transportation system, adequate water supply and critical infrastructure continues to bypass Unilorites — perhaps, much is still expected to resolve the pressing issues that need to be taken very seriously. Elsewhere, the new students union administration should thoroughly address underlying issues as regards the general welfare of Unilorites.

Besides, it needs to be noted that the concerns about the awful power supply in the school dormitory requires urgent attention. The provisions of stable electricity in hostels continue to be the biggest impediment bedevilling good education! Yet, we expect the 2021/2022 Students Union administration to improve things for the good of all.

To this end, if there must be an effective students union, therefore, the union leader must remain steadfast to restore civility and be more functional in the leadership process. Again, members of the union must prioritise the general welfare of students and desirous of governing according to their cardinal promises.

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