May 25, 2022


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#UnilorinDecides22: Faji, Royal Prince, Aina emerge as students’ representatives-elect

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Adedimeji Quayyim, Ibraheem Salman, Halimah Adisa and Ajao Ifeoluwa Grace

The Students Union elections, held on Thursday, the 20th of January, 2022, has ushered a new batch of student representatives, who are to pilot student affairs for the 2021/2022 academic session.

At the executive level, amongst other aspirants, Faaji Tobiloba Samuel (Faaji), Oseni Islamist Arinola (Arinola), Arungbemi Adeoluwa Mary (Deolu), Ologundudu Joseph Adesunkanmi (Royal Prince), Kolawole Queen Oladoyin (Queen), Arowolo Ayodeji Emmanuel (Arowolo), Babatunde Emmanuel (OG Sneh), Fasasi Hammed Olalekan (Niffy), Aina David Olajuwon (Aina), Olayinka Oluwaseun Joseph (Pappy) and Balogun Abdullahi Abiodun (Boi Biodun) have been declared President-Elect, Vice President-Elect (PS), Vice President-Elect (COHS), General Secretary-Elect, Assistant General Secretary-Elect, Welfare Secretary-Elect (PS), Welfare Secretary-Elect (COHS), Social Secretary-Elect, Financial Secretary-Elect, Sports Secretary-Elect and Public Relations Officer-Elect respectively in today’s elections.

The results of the elections were announced at the auditorium by the Chairman Unilorin Student Independent Electoral Commission, Mr. Shuaib Babatunde Adebayo at the instances of the Sub-Dean of the Student Affairs Unit.

The elections were through a voting system hosted by the University of Ilorin website. The students of the University of Ilorin between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm cast votes to elect into various offices members of the new leadership of the Students’ Union that will pilot the affairs of the union in the next academic session.

The breakdown of the results shows that the President-elect FAJI emerged victorious after polling 3562 votes to outnumber his closest opponents, DOSHIMA who polled 3220, followed by ORIGINAL with 1031 votes.

For the office of the Vice-President (PS), ARINOLA emerged the winner with 5433 votes while her COHS counterpart, DEOLU polled 435 votes.

For the position of General Secretary, ROYAL PRINCE emerged the winner with 3099 votes against his opponent HAUWA USMAN who polled 1647 votes, followed by GREAT who polled 721 votes.

For the office of Assistant General Secretary, QUEEN was declared the winner with 4848 votes, who ran unopposed for the positions.

For the office of Welfare Secretary (PS), AROWOLO was declared the winner with 1234 votes, followed by MAIYAKI, CEE CEE, EGALITARIAN and SIR SUKI with a total of 1069, 991, 777 and 658 votes respectively.

For the office of Welfare Secretary (COHS), OG SNEH was declared the winner with 294 votes, followed by SHAMS with 132 votes.

For the office of Sports Secretary, PAPPY won the role with 6784 votes unopposed, while the office of Financial Secretary, AINA won his opponent with 3052 votes, defeating LAWAL who polled 1770 votes.

For the Social Secretary role, NIFFY polled 6419 votes as he ran for the post unopposed, while BOI BIODUN clinched the Public Relations Officer role with 2508 votes defeating his opponent, BIODUN, who polled 2007 votes for the role.

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