May 19, 2022


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Unilorites cry, drought impedes academic performance, healthy living

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Water, unarguably the most necessary basic amenity for a smooth, healthy and comfortable life has been amiss or inadequate in the university of Ilorin community for more than a week.

This drought has left many incapacitated causing hitches in their performance and for some a halt in their activities. With campus residents being the most affected, residents of halls of residence on campus have expressed their displeasure, discomfort and their long lasting cry, seemingly unending.

Ibikunle Sukurat (F), 200 level student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering informed the press that lack of water in her hall of residence made her stop attending classes as she cannot appear in class looking dirty with bad odor oozing from her body. Another student, Salako Labake, 400L Food Science, cried out fearing she might have contacted toilet disease from sharing toilets, as students are left without choices but to use leave toilet ‘unflushed’ after use. This has left her and other students to sit on other people’s faeces.

Ibrahim Dogara, 300Level student of Mass communications reported that he was left embarrassed for defecating in his pants as he feared using the toilet in his hall without water.

Meanwhile, the University management, has on many occasions, through many media expressed her concern and relentless efforts at restoring normalcy to the situation but no positive effect is observable, students mentioned.

Another concerned student further noted that the Students Union through her Public Relations Office has promised a swift response to the situation but all seems to be mere promises.

Residents therefore call on the University management to ensure a lasting solution is proffered to the life threatening situation before actual lives are lost.

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