May 17, 2022


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University of Ilorin Students start to search for hidden camera as Gulder Ultimate search returns on screen

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Ayodimeji Ameenat

Recently, it trended that the popular TV show, Gulder Ultimate search was coming back on screens. This was a shock to University of Ilorin students as they knew it never left. It just became a virtual reality you have to be a student to experience. 

The president of the Student Union assured the students that he remains people focused and that the show wanting to hit the screens is the reason why his administration has done nothing much to ease the affairs of students and that he wanted to use most of his tenure to show the world how students “survive”, and the rest of his tenure to find a solution which he would suggest to the coming administration.

The students were however not pleased with this as they felt bad about being watched, as a frustrated Unilorite, Gbenga, who settled for being the president’s friend after losing the presidential election, started a “campaign” telling Unilorites not to stand for this infringement on their right. He mentioned how he has heard that some clips have been leaked and some students have appeared unpleasant, and how recently a clip of him sufficed and it didn’t get his fine side. He feels his pretty privilege has been violated and he doesn’t mind leading a campaign. He mentioned that the whole scheme was disrespectful and ridiculous. He enjoined students to speak up and look for the hidden cameras and remove them.

It was hard finding the cameras at first, but with the recent surge in weird-looking frogs, vet and engineering students figured it out.

Temi, a vet Student mentioned in an interview, after discovering the first camera,  “Technology isn’t perfect and these robot frogs can only be wannabes. Real frogs would budge and run at the sight of humans, these robots don’t, instead, they stay and stare and record you. Also, real frogs are sort of cute, the Robot frogs are terrifying and look like the inherent danger in technology the experts warn us on.

The first place the frog camera was seen was the park, where students struggled to secure a vehicle to convey them to school. When asked, the president after a 4-second loud laugher answered that one of his aims is to make students fitter and since students don’t exercise, He ensured he maintained a system where they must. He also said watching students exercise is exciting to him.

Cameras have been spotted in many places. When asked why they chose not to put cameras in the hostels.  He mentioned that they couldn’t put cameras in hostels, he mentioned that the cameras were there but the producers decided to settle for less. They removed them because after watching clips of the hostels, the producers opined that it was too gory and dreadful and that it would push the PG age high.

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