May 25, 2022


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University of Ilorin Students to embark on protest over ongoing #ASUUStrike.

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By AbdulGaniyu Lawal

The Student Union President, University of Ilorin (Unilorin), Waliu Taofeek Opeyemi popularly known as Omoluabi has made an announcement on Twitter to mobilize a protest. 

The tweet which aired on Thursday, May 5 is meant to summon Unilorin students to engage in an appeal to the Federal Government to end the ASUU Strike. 

The ongoing strike began as a 30-day warning strike on February 14, 2022, after which it was extended by another two months. Already, Nigerian students across different universities have staged online campaigns on Twitter using the hashtag #EndASUUStrike  #EndASUUStrikeNow.

 In the tweet made by the SU President, no date has been fixed for the protest as speculations are that it occurs any day in the next week. 

He also urged students to bring their ID Cards along as a relevant condition to participate in the protest.

“The Unilorin Student Union will organize pressure on the concerned stakeholders in the FG to meet ASUU’s demands. 

No date has been fixed for our protest but I can assure you that it is any of the days next week.”

In 2020, the ASUU strike lasted for nine months, exposing some students to vices and destabilizing their education projectile. ASUU has Spent 1 in Every 4 Days on Strike in the Last 6 Years, according to a report by Dataphyte.

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