May 26, 2022


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We are committed to an open-door policy for all – Omoluabi

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Lawal Victor Damilola

The Students’ Union President, Comr. Waliu Taofeek (Omoluabi) has stated the Union’s commitment for an open-door policy to entertain thoughts, opinions and views of students. This, he mentioned, was to “ensure that the Union creates a solid relationship with registered associations and relevant on campus.”

Mr. Omoluabi stated during the meeting of Union officials with executives of registered associations and clubs on campus. The meeting, which had the presence of the General Secretary, Mr. Adeleye Isaac (Mr. Excellent) and the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Olabode Stephen (O’ Smart) of the Students’ Union, was held on Tuesday, 21st of August 2021 at LR8, Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin.

The meeting, according to many of the club leaders, was regarded as the first of its kind as they’ve been anticipating when they would meet with the Union administration to discuss their plans, pursuits and how the administration can be of great help to their association and vice versa.

During the SU President’s address to club and association leaders, he promised that a forum would be created after the meeting to add delegates of all associations in order to have consistent meetings and discussion towards better unionism and to also garner views and opinions of leaders of the prestigious associations on campus.

The major concerns emphasized by the associations’ executives bothered majorly on transportation, electricity on campus, welfarism, collaborations, general recognition from the Students’ Union and the University management and other issues affecting their memberships. The Union heads complained on the increase in the transport fare and the stress that students constituting their memberships face before and after lectures.

Other issues raised are demands for designated venue for clubs and association on campus so as to avoid disorderliness and misgivings from lecturers during their meetings. They also requested for support from the Students’ Union in publicity and marketing their organizations to the public as there are many talents that could be harnessed as well as innovative programs that could be of great benefit to the school and its students’ populace.

The representative of the Deaf Students’ Association lamented on the predicaments of deaf and specially-challenged students on campus. He mentioned that these categories of students are faced with the problem of few persons serving as interpreters for lectures. He then appealed to the Students’ Union to make a move in meeting with the school administration as all effort from the organization had proved abortive. He added that the Union should help to publicize some of their programs and projects as they would love an environment where every student would be competent in communicating using the sign language which would help the campus environment to be more habitable and sociable for them.

To respond to the agitations on transportation, the President of the Students’ Union, Mr. Taofik Waliu Opeyemi (Omoluabi) revealed that the Union had facilitated additional Maigida Soludero and 10 Kwara Express buses for effective conveyance of students to their respective hostels. Also, he promised that the Union would speak to the town planning department to facilitate an administrative building for organizations. These, he said, is in the Union’s zeal in ensuring that the problems of transportation of students on campus is solved and that organization conduct their businesses effectively.

The meeting was described by organization leaders as insightful as avenues were given to leaders from different clubs and associations to air their views on the people-focused administration and the way forward for the Union to adequately represent the interests of the students.

*Additional reporting from Ajao Ifeoluwa Grace

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