May 17, 2022


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We have a lot of administrative work which we have to proffer solution to — OMOLUABI

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ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore

The Students Union President, Waliu Taofeek (Omoluabi), on Thursday at the SOC VOICE Interactive Channel, hinted that the People Focused administration is ensuring to put a solution to welfare, agitation, and expectations of students.

At the webinar organized by the press body of the department of sociology, SOC VOICE, Omoluabi, while answering questions from the host said, “one of the things peculiar to my our administration is the open-door policy, we’ve made the contact of SU officials accessible to students. There can easily access the appropriate officials.”

He added that the Student Union is putting up policies in place to proffer solutions as regards transportation, academics, skill acquisition program, leadership training.

Omoluabi explained details of the issue of transportation saying that the transportation system appears quite difficult not to crack. “I can assure you those policies we have been trying will soon work — we are also open to suggestions, recommendations to ameliorate this challenge ”

He expressed commitment to solving the problem and agitations of students ‘we consistently work on issues to put in place to fit in the agitation and expectations of our colleagues’ he highlighted.

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