May 24, 2022


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We Need Road-Bumps on PG road.

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By Macaulay Tolulope

Why we really need a solution to reckless driving on PG road.

PG road is the tarred road that runs through private girls’ hostels area. It intersects the faculty of Communication and Information Sciences and the department of Works; it also links the road leading to the College of Health Sciences. Although, it is not a major road, it is still plied by many drivers.

PG road is tarred, winding and has a gentle slope, making it an ideal road for reckless speeding drivers who do not care about pedestrians.

There are no bumps on pedestrian walkways on PG road, despite being a road a considerable amount of people walks through, and the drivers plying this road do not care. It is scary that pedestrians have to run for their lives, unsure of what will happen next.

Drivers have gone wild on PG road! The speed is too much and the possible consequences are terrible. They speed like they don’t care. It is an effrontery to the rules of driving – such drivers are those who hit pedestrians and zoom off.

Sadly, their attitude shows that no lesson was learnt from the most recent fatal accident that happened in the school of which both drivers lost their lives and passengers were badly injured. An incident which was also caused by reckless driving despite the indiscriminate number of road bumps on the road where the accident happened. It was an unfortunate incident and there is no one to blame.

If everybody prays such an event would never occur again, the logical question to ask is, are we sure it won’t repeat itself? With the lackadaisical and unchecked attitude of these drivers? The condition at PG road currently are accidents waiting to happen.

However, most of the vehicles that speed along PG road are actually students. This is a claim backed up with evidence from interviews with the ladies who live on PG road and from constant observation.

PG is a students’ area occupied by female students, most of which are grown enough to be in relationships – and whose partners would like to impress with their latest cars and savvy driving skills, there are no dispute on who these drivers are. Or would it be the staff or visitors, whose main route is not even PG road, that would be driving so recklessly? Of course, one has the right to own a car, drive and enjoy life, but it should not be at the expense of another man’s life.

In an interview with ladies who live in PG area and have experienced various incidents due to over-speeding and reckless driving, most raised concerns about being scared while walking on the road. Some of them gave considerable solutions to call these perpetrators to order.

“I wanted to cross over to the other side of the road one day when I experienced two oncoming vehicles speeding so seriously side-by-side as though they were racing. Other pedestrians and I had to hurriedly scamper away from the road for fear of being hit,” said Haneefah Ibraheem, a 500-level student of Pharmacy, who lives in Michael Hostel. ‘I suggest that the school authorities should strictly enforce traffic control and security personnel should be assigned to PG to enforce safe driving. Bumps should be created and the school can also design programs for orientation on proper driving within the school area.”

Victoria James, a 100 level Bio-chemistry student who also lives in Michael hostel says; “we were caught unaware when a car sped past me and my roommate while walking on the road. I was scared and I wasn’t expecting it. I think the school authorities need to do something about how these drivers over-speed. Drivers who ply the route should be strictly cautioned and bumps should be placed on the road”.

I do agree with the school strategically assigning security personnel to PG area to monitor and control proper driving on the road in order to prevent avoidable accidents. In line with this, traffic laws need to be enforced and strict punishment should be meted out on drivers who flout these laws to serve as deterrents. The school can, through the Students’ Union, implement the suggested orientation and awareness programs to educate students on proper driving in the school premises.

We hope the university authority help to curb the attitude of these drivers and provide a fast solution to reckless driving on PG road. These drivers are waxing stronger, they have learnt no lesson from the accident that recently happened and have come with that same attitude to PG. We don’t want them at all. We are tired of being scared for our lives.

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