June 25, 2022


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We pay to multipurpose cooperative not SU – NAPEP Chairman

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Union of Campus Journalist in an interview with the Chairman of the Multipurpose Cooperative Keke Union -Mr Yakubu Ibrahim, has confirmed the fact that their Union has nothing to do with the Students’ Union in terms of financial transactions, but are responsible or obligated only to the Multipurpose Cooperative in terms of funds.
According to him:
       “The Cooperative, they are the one that we are collecting levies from us weekly. That is how we are doing it. And it is paid by bank not even by cash. That is how we are doing it. It is to the Cooperative not the SUG. That is how we are doing it…. My Union is different from SUG Union because I remit my money to ehn.. Cooperative Multipurpose in Unilorin. I don’t remit money to SUG.” 

Also, the Secretary of the University of Ilorin Keke Association for Student Union, Mr. Kamaldeen Jimoh, said his own side of the story. In his statement, he asserted that, at the kick off of the current administration of Students’ Union, the Keke Association had external issues with their other members off campus around November last year. This led to a resolution in which they were required to individually contribute certain amounts of money as members to their own association.
However, he further stated that, this idea did not work out well among them thereby, giving rise to disagreements among the members of the association and the governing council of the association. In fact, at some points, they had to inform the school management about it. 
He claimed that, they brought the issue to the office of the Students’ Affairs, as this was their usual practice. This resulted to the suspension of the contributions from the members to the association. In good time, the discrepancies were resolved and other matters of the association settled.
He said that, interestingly, it was after this issue was resolved that the Keke association began to pay a certain amount of money to the office of the Welfare Secretary of the Students’ Union, based on instructions and the normal practice.
He reported that, the association began the payment and it was to be a weekly routine. However, the association just paid for only two weeks consecutively, that is, in the last two weeks of January to be precise. He claimed, they were able to resolve the matter the third week.

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