June 25, 2022


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Welfare: Senate Council okays N70,200 for Oke-Oyin RC

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The University of Ilorin Student Union Senate Council has approved the purchase of three dozens of chair for Oke-Oyin Relaxation Center.
Sequel to the letter received from the Welfare secretary of the executive arm of the Union, in Oke-Oyin, informing the Senate council the changes that has occurred in the area of price as against earlier budget of 1750 per chair, the SC resolved that since budgetary monitoring committee has confirmed the changes in the price of the chair, the Senate council was constrained to approve the new price.
The Senate council further suggested that purchasing it should be in earnest in order to forestall further increment in the price. “Time frame is a factor” A member of the sitting, Senator Agboola hinted.
Senate President opined that there should not be any further delay in the buying, since report has shown that reimbursement to the tune of 5million from the school management, and which so far amounted to about 17.3million extended to the Union, had been acknowledged, swift effort should be made in the getting their chairs for the approved purpose in the constituency.

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