May 19, 2022


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What you need to know about Call to Bar activities — Body of Benchers

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The Body of Benchers of the university of Ilorin’s Students’ Union, in a bid to orientate the general public and essentially the students of law has, Saturday, presented a special package of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Call to (students) Bar activities in the University.

According to a release a copy of which was made available for the press, the serial FAQs goes thus:

What does it mean to be a Student Legal Practitioner?

Ans.: The University of Ilorin Students community Operates like the conventional world, where you have laws regulating the affairs of the students and their representatives. And of course where there are laws, there are sanctions and implications for not following them. These Compendium of Laws, just like in the conventional world, are sometimes violated, either by individual students, or students’ representatives of various offices. Hence there is a need to have a court system, where these laws will be interpreted and judgements given on whether or not there is indeed a violation by the concerned accused/defendant. Just like in the conventional world, the parties are entitled to legal representations, and that’s where the Student legal practitioners come into play, they file cases on behalf of their clients, appear for them, and charge them requisite fees. Cool right? Be a student Legal practitioner!

What do I stand to gain?

Ans: You stand to gain a lot being a Student Legal practitioner, apart from being able to think on your feet confidently, you also learn the procedural aspects of the law, which you are not meant to be opened to until your law school days. Be ready for the NIGERIAN Bar in your formative years as a student, and you will be better for it amongst peers who are either not opened to such opportunity or refused to grab one.

How do I become a Student Legal Practitioner?

Ans: Simple! Any moment from now, the Body Of Benchers will annouce the opening of 2020/21 BAR APPLICATION PROCESS. Apply, following all the procedures as will be stated, attend the PRE-CALL classes, write Call to Bar Exams, have the required grade and BECOME A STUDENT LEGAL PRACTITIONER!

When is the call to bar application commencing?

Ans: As to be determined by The Body of Benchers. This is expected to be very soon.

I am just in 100 level, how can I pass the exam?

Ans: That wouldn’t be a barrier as there are going to be Pre-Call classes where distinguished legal practitioners will take you through various tutorial sessions. Questions will be set from what you are taught during the classes.

What are the Areas of Law to focus on?

Ans: You will be well informed of this when you attend the Pre-Call classes. Law of Evidence, Ethics of Students Legal practice and knowledge of the Students’ Union Compendium will be part of the areas to be focused on.

Can I apply without being a member of any chambers?

Ans: As a Law student, you are expected to be a member of any of the 4 chambers in the faculty and without that, applying to be called to bar may be hindered.

For further clarification, who do I reach out to?

Ans: You can reach out to any of the following persons: Lord Akewshola: 08172523485; Lady Toyeebah: 09091514888; Legal Spirit: 0906 566 6903; Lord GemSholad: 0703 202 7953.

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